When the Curvy Lady Belts Out a Tune…

When the Curvy Lady Belts Out a Tune…

It’s over.



Perhaps not.

You see, I’m in a quandary, in regards to Aloada Bobbins. I think it may be time to throw in the metaphorical towel but I know that I’ll regret it if I do. However, it’s quite clear to anyway who pays half an ounce of attention to my little site that the posts have dwindled dramatically over recent months.

Bother it and blast. What to do?

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Tuesday TWOsday!

Tuesday TWOsday!

It’s true, I’ve turned TWO…
An endeavour that saw me…
Over keyboard to empty thoughts in my…
Igniting fears of ‘Will this be…
Yet my Field of Posts I wrote and you…
A small, cheery gathering, my own piece of…

Friendships formed over thousands of…
Shared stories, images, teardrops and…
Discovering new authors, musicians…
Talented people, creative…
Some stopped by for a…
Others still here…
Many I miss, ending sites along the…


To begin my own theme took me a…
It’s random at best, I have my own…
A natural faddist, this you already…
My attention span embarrassingly…

So, the fact I have have made it this far…
Over 200 posts is all down to…
DEREK (I’m kidding, YOU!!)
I can’t thank you enough for entering my…
A love for writing, once again…

I hope you’ll continue to enjoy each…
As Aloada adventures on to the…
Yes, it’s true, I’ve turned TWO,
IN BLOGGING, happy ‘blog’day to me!

IMAGE CREDITS: Created using wordclouds.com

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Bobbin’ Back to Blogging

Bobbin’ Back to Blogging

Hello people. I’m dipping my toe in and starting to get together some posts for the blog after having time away. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented and sent me hugs and condolences after the death of my grandad – it meant a lot and helped when I was feeling very down.


I’m beginning to feel much better and whilst some days are still difficult, I do want to get back to writing and the blog as I’ve missed it. So here are some things that might be coming up over the next few weeks:

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May the score be with you!

May the score be with you!

Hello everyone!

Let’s begin this post by saying it is NOT a review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Well, not exactly.

I did see the new saga installment a few days ago, on opening night and it was all kinds of awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire movie and it certainly lived up to the hype it’s been receiving.

These are my personal opinions on why I loved it so much and there are absolutely NO PLOT SPOILERS because, you know, nice people don’t do that!


It’s more concerned with the overall look and feel of the film but as I know some hardcore fans may think this constitutes ruining the experience, consider this your *skip to the next part* warning!

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Wednesday Lensday GIVEAWAY!

Wednesday Lensday GIVEAWAY!

This week’s Wednesday Lensday is about giving something back!

Next week marks my half blogoversary – six months since I began filling up the internet with my ramblings and nonsense! Anyone who has read my about page will know that I never expected to reach six days, never mind half a year. Amazingly, I’ve stuck at it and I’d like to celebrate a little early with you guys!

My amateur photography offerings have always been well received, so as it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, I wanted to say thanks and give something to you for all the loveliness you’ve shown me from the beginning. Without my merry band of folk commenting on, visiting and sharing Aloada Bobbins, this blogging malarkey would be very dull indeed!


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