Opera House? No, Opera Bridge!

Opera House? No, Opera Bridge!

Like many people, I love a good bridge. I’d like to give some poetic reason, such as they’re symbolic of links between points in our life journey, but the simple truth is I just find them structurally appealing. Strong architectural lines with the added bonus of generally being near another personal favourite, water.

I’m lucky enough to live very close to the Humber Bridge, once the longest single-span suspension bridge in the world. Its arrival in the early 1980s put it firmly on the map as an iconic local landmark, for many, a comforting signal of home as it looms on the horizon after a long trip.


Seeing as I’m also a big fan of classical music, it was a given that I wanted to get tickets when the City of Culture team announced an event in conjunction with Opera North to walk the bridge to a unique, specially composed soundtrack: The Height of the Reeds.

Unfortunately, as tickets were free, they went swiftly and I lost out. Then, hurrah! They announced it had been so popular they were extending the run and this time I was in, albeit alone as we could only get hold of one ticket.

FullSizeRender (800x600)

So yesterday, amidst the extraordinary heat we’re experiencing at the moment in the UK, I set off for a 5K trundle.

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Classic ‘Choons’: A Quaver to a Werther’s Original

Classic ‘Choons’: A Quaver to a Werther’s Original

Summer means blasting out the speakers with the windows down, so here’s a throwback to what is likely to be on my playlist…

It was 5 A:M.

A time that’s either a tad too early or extremely late, depending on your viewpoint. Mine was definitely the latter. I’d already been awake for twenty-two hours and still had around another twelve to go before I could sink into bed. Rhythmically swaying from one foot to another, my mind was as foggy as the surroundings, the only sounds seemingly submerged in a hidden ocean.

To make matters worse, I had an urgent need to brush my teeth. Having realised they were stickily coated in a film of goodness knows what, I frantically began rubbing at each molar with an index finger. It can’t have been a pretty sight: Lips peeled back, I probably looked like a weird, humanised Cheshire Cat!


Best to keep your distance for sure. So imagine my surprise when another grinning face bounced up to me and said…

“Aww, lush man. Absolutely foooking banging innit? You got some? Giz a bit, yeah?

“Excuse me? Give you some…?”

“C. Yeah?”

“Sea? I’m afraid I don’t really get what you…”

“Coke, man. Can I ‘ave some of ya Coke?” he asked again, pointing at my mouth.

“Oh, sorry. I’ve only got some water. But you can have the rest if you like.”

“No worries, yeah? ‘Ave a banging night, yeah? I’ll tek ya water like, ta!”

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Royally Entertained!

Royally Entertained!

Lasers and lightsabers. Horns and Holst. Fireworks and flying saucers. Our journey through space at the Royal Albert Hall was fabulous!

If you didn’t already know, we kicked off our week away with a stopover in London to attend the Space Spectacular concert, performed by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and conducted by Anthony Inglis.


I’d nagged for tickets for my birthday, having wanted to attend a classical concert for a while, and as this featured many of my favourite musical scores with the added bonus of being held in an iconic venue, well…I nagged a lot!

The Hall itself was nothing short of stunning – I’ve obviously seen it plenty of times on TV but that didn’t detract from the grandeur of the place. It’s classically beautiful, just the kind of architecture I love, so it’s no surprise that the design was inspired by Roman amphitheatres.

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The ‘Snow’ must go on…

The ‘Snow’ must go on…

No, I’ve not turned my hand to weather forecasting – although based on recent weeks, the white stuff IS a possibility!

I am of course talking about this chap…


After many months of soul searching, deliberating, hair-watching and lie detecting, he’s about to be back on our screens as Season 6 of the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH premieres! (Slight, ‘can’t believe you’ve not heard this plot point’, S5 spoiler ahead!) Read more

Wednesday Lensday: Cellovely

Wednesday Lensday: Cellovely

I may not be able to play the cello yet, but I can take photos of it. Such a handsome subject, it even looks like it has a face. So I’m naming him Cedric!

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