A SIMple Life

A SIMple Life

The school summer holidays; Forty plus days of no work and having time to catch up on lost sleep, half-read books and to get out exploring.

But despite being in the midst of a storm as I type, which has brought some much needed rain, for weeks the whole of the country has experienced soaring temperatures which has seen me retreat to a darkened room faster than a vampire evading a crispy death!

I don’t do hot.

So I’ve found myself (among other, cooling, lets-not-use-much-energy activities) returning to video games. I’ve always considered myself a gamer – not a proper one, with a multi-platform set-up, a swivel chair and my own Twitch channel. More that I’m someone who likes to dabble in different games, dip a toe in and move on to something else when I can’t conquer a level.

You know, like every other hobby I’ve ever had. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Have a FADTASTIC 2018

Have a FADTASTIC 2018

It’s the start of a new year and we are awash with adverts and articles tempting you to jet off to foreign shores, encouraging you get out and find the new you…but not before you sign over your life savings for a subscription to the local gym which you’ll avoid like the Plague after the first week!

As we’re on day three of January, I’m a little late with jumping on this self-improvement bandwagon, but I’m jumping nonetheless. Now, I’m perfectly aware I have a bit of a reputation – consistency is not my strong point and in the past, the only success I’ve had with my resolutions has been the ability to pronounce the word with my short-tongue!

So I don’t make them. As such…


Do you remember my Bucket List post of 2016? Well, two years on from my ‘oh-my-I-get-old-this-year‘ wish list and I can say I have ticked two items off the list: visiting Icelandย  and publishing a book.

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When the Curvy Lady Belts Out a Tune…

When the Curvy Lady Belts Out a Tune…

It’s over.



Perhaps not.

You see, I’m in a quandary, in regards to Aloada Bobbins. I think it may be time to throw in the metaphorical towel but I know that I’ll regret it if I do. However, it’s quite clear to anyway who pays half an ounce of attention to my little site that the posts have dwindled dramatically over recent months.

Bother it and blast. What to do?

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Wednesday Lensday: A Game of Stones

Wednesday Lensday: A Game of Stones

Rock Balancing. So that’s a thing.

And it does exactly as it says on the tin: take some rocks and balance them on top of one another. It seems to have become quite popular in the last few years, being a way to focus the mind and a form of relaxation.

Unless they keep falling down, then it has the opposite effect!

Anyway, when we were at the beach the other day, I noticed several people indulging in the pastime, except all they were doing was finding the flattest stones possible and stacking them like pancakes.

If I’ve learned anything of the art form from the images on Instagram, it’s that you need to build them in tricky ways, such as resting a large pebble, to wobble around precariously on the pointy edge of a triangular one. No glue allowed!


So I thought I’d have a go – I reckoned I could at least manage a few perpendicular arrangements. I’m all about rakish angles!


Et voila! Maybe I’ll try dry stone walling next… ๐Ÿ˜‰




IMAGE CREDITS: All my own, so please ask before sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Conquering Romans: How to update a blind in 10 easy steps!

Conquering Romans: How to update a blind in 10 easy steps!

Hi everyone! Well it’s almost the end of my first week off over the summer (5 more to go!) and I’ve been a very busy bee. I decided a couple of weeks ago that the kitchen was in need of an update, so organised for a decorator to visit and give me some quotes.

That was last Friday, when I rushed home, after waving goodbye to colleagues for the next month, only to sit around waiting for two hours and finally realising she wasn’t going to turn up! Naturally, I was annoyed but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it was a CALL TO ACTION!


I was going to do it all myself…

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