The Shamelessly Promotional Post

The Shamelessly Promotional Post

Firstly, apologies. It’s incredibly rude to have been away a while and then come back to promote a little business venture but I’ve been semi- productive during lockdown and now have a new page!

After thinking about it for a while and bolstered by the feedback of at least three people, I’ve decided to offer some of my photo art for sale.

Taking some tentative steps into this marketing malarkey, I’ve set up a new page on Facebook: Aloada Bobbins’ Creative Design where you can purchase greeting cards and (eventually) larger Giclée prints.

Here’s a preview of what to expect – some images you may even recognise!

So, if you’re on Facebook or know someone who might be in need of something to brighten up a wall space, then please pop along, take a look and spread the word!

You can follow along by clicking HERE.

(If you’re outside the UK but are still interested in purchasing something, just drop me a message and I can let you know about postage options.)

IMAGE CREDITS: All my own… but I REALLY want you to share 😉

I’m bringin’ blogging back, (yeah!)

I’m bringin’ blogging back, (yeah!)

Well hello there! How the heck is everyone? I’m hoping you all enjoyed the holiday period, whether you celebrated or not, ate copious amounts of cheese (like I did) or just treated it like any other day of the week.

And here we are, on the last day of 2017 and I’ve decided that after my hiatus – which was wonderful in all honesty, not having to think about posting or feeling forced to update social media just for the sake of it – that I’m coming back!

If you’ll have me… (*crosses fingers and toes).

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A Moodle-y Reminder

Hi everyone!

Just a quick reminder that you have until 6pm GMT tomorrow (Mon 30th Jan) to get your Moodle Doodles to me for the first challenge:

Look at things from a different perspective – draw the upside down.

Pleased to have lots of positive feedback for the introduction to this (you can read the post here) but I still need your doodles if you’d like to take part!


Remember, you can create a post and link back to my original post or send your images to and I’ll display in a gallery on Tuesday or Wednesday.

That’s all folks, happy moodling! 🙂

Image Credits: via Pinterest.

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Journey through Fire and Ice!

Journey through Fire and Ice!

Well, it’s finally here – tomorrow I travel to Iceland and fulfill my dream of exploring volcanoes and geysers and glaciers. With any luck, we’ll also get to see the Northern Lights!

Oh I hope it’s not a massive anti-climax after I built it up in my head for so long. :/


Anyway, this is just a quick post to say that as I’m away and it’s Halloween week, I thought I’d re-share my spooky posts from last year, in case you missed them the first time round. And there’s a chance I may pop up guest posting somewhere too!

The population for the entirety of Iceland may be less than my home town, but they apparently still have wifi, so I’ll be able to catch up on posts etc when I’m not out adventuring!

And when I return, well let’s hope I have loads of awesome photos to share for Wednesday Lensday. 🙂

Have a great week / weekend everyone, thanks for reading!

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Aloada Reviews: Smart Scales

Aloada Reviews: Smart Scales

Product reviews? That’s not something I usually venture into, is it?

However, when the lovely Betty from Beets Blu contacted me and asked if I’d like a set of their smart scales in return for an honest review on Amazon, I was happy to oblige. And whilst I wasn’t obligated to share the review on my blog, I thought I would as I know there are several of you that follow who are currently on a weight loss / health regime, so it may be of interest.


If you’re not, well…scales are always handy to check you won’t be going over your luggage allowance, right? 😉

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