“…the Renegade Master…”

“…the Renegade Master…”

“…D4 damager, power to the people!”

In other words, as Wild Child and Fatboy Slim once said, I’m “back once again, with the ill behaviour.”

Well, perhaps no ill behaviour, I’m very low key rebellious these days…

Hello! Have you missed me? I’m mean I’ve been gone a whole two weeks, I’m sure many will be experiencing symptoms of withdrawal by now. Or is that just me? 😉

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Gone Fishing…

Gone Fishing…

GF017-Gone Fishing Title Card

Metaphorically speaking. Plus, I’m…

Reading and writing,

Moving and packing,

Painting and building,

Making and baking,

Watching and visiting,

Digging and planting,

And sleeping.

A LOT of sleeping is needed!

So, I’ll be back soon enough with what I’ve been up to. Until then, try to be good, be kind, be smiley.



Image Credits: gonefishingpress.com and medlican via deviantart.com

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Tiny Tales and (very) Short Stories 10

Tiny Tales and (very) Short Stories 10

Hi all!

Writing Tiny Tales has been very much on the back burner of late, as has the completion of a printed version of my first collection of micro-fiction (the digital format is available here though, hint, hint!)

So, it was definitely time to address the issue and it turns out I’m finally into double figures with these 6-word snippets – although 10.1 would be more precise following a repost of my 2015 Halloween stories with a 2016 reboot!

Anywho, I’ve still been dipping into Nicola’s challenge over on Sometimes Stellar Storyteller and this week’s prompt word is LIBERATED.

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Tiny Tales and (Very) Short Stories: Create your own HORROR!

Tiny Tales and (Very) Short Stories: Create your own HORROR!

Last year, as a veritable fledgling in the world of six word stories, I posted this collection with a Halloween-y theme. And I couldn’t repost without an offering for 2016, so have some evil clown…

Let’s make that smile more…permanent!


You’re not laughing now, are you?

However, this year, I’d love you to have a go at your own and put them in the comments. Plus, remember if you like micro-fiction but want more than six words, there’s still time to enter Pat’s challenge for Tweetable tales over at I Can’t Possibly Be Wrong All The Time #Microstory

So come on, join in  – the creepier, the better!

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Journey through Fire and Ice!

Journey through Fire and Ice!

Well, it’s finally here – tomorrow I travel to Iceland and fulfill my dream of exploring volcanoes and geysers and glaciers. With any luck, we’ll also get to see the Northern Lights!

Oh I hope it’s not a massive anti-climax after I built it up in my head for so long. :/


Anyway, this is just a quick post to say that as I’m away and it’s Halloween week, I thought I’d re-share my spooky posts from last year, in case you missed them the first time round. And there’s a chance I may pop up guest posting somewhere too!

The population for the entirety of Iceland may be less than my home town, but they apparently still have wifi, so I’ll be able to catch up on posts etc when I’m not out adventuring!

And when I return, well let’s hope I have loads of awesome photos to share for Wednesday Lensday. 🙂

Have a great week / weekend everyone, thanks for reading!

Image Credits: iceland24blog.com

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