Aloada A-Z Childhood Nostalgia: D is for…

Aloada A-Z Childhood Nostalgia: D is for…

So we’re finally here with my fourth and final post of the day, bringing me up to date with the challenge and letter D.

It’s a varied bunch for this category, with drama, comedy, action and aliens!

We’ll kick off with a show that in recent years has taken the world by storm but when I was a child, it was very British and delightfully quirky.

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Aloada A-Z Childhood Nostalgia: A is for…

Aloada A-Z Childhood Nostalgia: A is for…

Well hello folks! How is everyone? Good I hope. 🙂

I feel I’ve been AWOL for a while and I apologise. But now I’m back (at least for a little while) as I have been inspired!

What by? Well, this A-Z challenge malarkey  – post everyday in April (except Sundays), thus giving a day for each letter of the alphabet. I’m doing it. And I’m late – I only decided yesterday afternoon. And I was probably supposed to sign up, ask someone who started the hashtag, join a support group and send out social media alerts. But I didn’t. Oh well…


To be truthful, the inspiration came from James (of the Proclaims variety), who is himself indulging in the challenge with a fab trip down memory lane to cartoons of his (and my own) youth. I already have two theme tunes stuck in my head… go check out his posts!

Couple this with having just finished reading Ready, Player One (I may review this at some point, still want to see film, despite bad feedback) and I’m on a complete nostalgia trip. I’ve already written several nostalgic posts in the past (I have a dedicated section on my site, under Entertainment), but so far haven’t covered shows aimed at teens, adults and families. So that’s what I’m doing…

The A-Z of 80s / 90s TV shows (with maybe the odd film thrown in) that I loved as a child. Yes…I was a child (mostly) when I watched them, and after spending a day reminiscing with my mum, we realised:

– We watched A LOT of crime dramas,
– Some probably weren’t suitable for an 8 year old,
– It hasn’t done me any harm!

As it’s day four, you’re going to get bombarded with a mini glut of posts to bring me back in line (sorry). Then daily until the end of the month or when I get fed up, whichever comes first! Better get started, hadn’t I?

Ready? Good.


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The Invisible Mother

The Invisible Mother

No card will be opened,
No flowers received,
No gestures of gratitude,
Appreciation of deeds.

A day set for others,
I don’t meet the grade,
I’m not in their club,
A decision I made.

I may not be a mother,
Giving birth to my own,
Or have given a child,
A new life in our home.

But five days a week,
I do dry their tears
Give advice and comfort,
Watch them grow through the years.

I wash sports kits, mend shoes,
Find food when there’s none,
Solve squabbles, build friendships,
Support when loved ones are gone.

And I listen,
And I listen,
And they talk
And they cry.

And we play,
And we build,
And we dance,
And we try.

Many times I’ve been screamed at,
Words wounding the pride,
But I guide their behaviour,
Still stay by their side.

Some more than others
Steal a place in my heart,
But my love goes unspoken,
Not allowed to impart.

Yet they know that I love them,
And I know it’s returned,
Through their smiles, their respect,
And their trust I have earned.

I may not be a mother,
In the conventional way,
But it’s attitude, not biology,
Whatever others may say.

In loco parentis,
From eight until three,
I’m a mother to hundreds,
There are many like me.

Happy Mother’s Day whether you’re a mother to toddlers or teenagers, cats, dogs, dragons, students or just your other half! Enjoy! 💕


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MY 2017 FILM FEAST: Sept-Dec (Starring: My Top 10 of the Year!)

MY 2017 FILM FEAST: Sept-Dec (Starring: My Top 10 of the Year!)

In 2016, I made a note of every film we’d watched throughout the year and shared them in a post at the end of December. It seemed to be fairly well received and it also helped us review a year through a different medium.

So I decided to do it again. Except this time, due to the entire year being quite a gargantuan task, I intended to compile a post quarterly. And then we got to April…then the end of April…and I realised I’d missed my fraction window!


So instead, here’s the FINAL installment of a trilogy – because every good film comes in threes, right?! (Please don’t start giving me examples of when this hasn’t worked – there are far too many!)

However, it’s later than last year’s counterpart (but then I was MIA for a while) and we’re already into the third week of 2018. But it’s the beginning of award season and a good time to finish the line-up and tell you what MY TOP 10 FILMS of 2017 were!

If you’d like to see what we were watching earlier in the year, you can check them out HEREand HERE

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Wednesday Words Day

Wednesday Words Day

A sign to control.
The flag, it hangs,
Limp in the breeze.
A ladder.
A journey.
Sails on the horizon,
Still now,
Looking down on a city,
In smog and slumber,
A view blinded,
By beams of sunrise,
Flashing between,

[CooL GuY] {{a2zRG}}

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