The Shamelessly Promotional Post

The Shamelessly Promotional Post

Firstly, apologies. It’s incredibly rude to have been away a while and then come back to promote a little business venture but I’ve been semi- productive during lockdown and now have a new page!

After thinking about it for a while and bolstered by the feedback of at least three people, I’ve decided to offer some of my photo art for sale.

Taking some tentative steps into this marketing malarkey, I’ve set up a new page on Facebook: Aloada Bobbins’ Creative Design where you can purchase greeting cards and (eventually) larger Giclée prints.

Here’s a preview of what to expect – some images you may even recognise!

So, if you’re on Facebook or know someone who might be in need of something to brighten up a wall space, then please pop along, take a look and spread the word!

You can follow along by clicking HERE.

(If you’re outside the UK but are still interested in purchasing something, just drop me a message and I can let you know about postage options.)

IMAGE CREDITS: All my own… but I REALLY want you to share 😉

Tuesday TWOsday!

Tuesday TWOsday!

It’s true, I’ve turned TWO…
An endeavour that saw me…
Over keyboard to empty thoughts in my…
Igniting fears of ‘Will this be…
Yet my Field of Posts I wrote and you…
A small, cheery gathering, my own piece of…

Friendships formed over thousands of…
Shared stories, images, teardrops and…
Discovering new authors, musicians…
Talented people, creative…
Some stopped by for a…
Others still here…
Many I miss, ending sites along the…


To begin my own theme took me a…
It’s random at best, I have my own…
A natural faddist, this you already…
My attention span embarrassingly…

So, the fact I have have made it this far…
Over 200 posts is all down to…
DEREK (I’m kidding, YOU!!)
I can’t thank you enough for entering my…
A love for writing, once again…

I hope you’ll continue to enjoy each…
As Aloada adventures on to the…
Yes, it’s true, I’ve turned TWO,
IN BLOGGING, happy ‘blog’day to me!

IMAGE CREDITS: Created using

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“…the Renegade Master…”

“…the Renegade Master…”

“…D4 damager, power to the people!”

In other words, as Wild Child and Fatboy Slim once said, I’m “back once again, with the ill behaviour.”

Well, perhaps no ill behaviour, I’m very low key rebellious these days…

Hello! Have you missed me? I’m mean I’ve been gone a whole two weeks, I’m sure many will be experiencing symptoms of withdrawal by now. Or is that just me? 😉

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Gone Fishing…

Gone Fishing…

GF017-Gone Fishing Title Card

Metaphorically speaking. Plus, I’m…

Reading and writing,

Moving and packing,

Painting and building,

Making and baking,

Watching and visiting,

Digging and planting,

And sleeping.

A LOT of sleeping is needed!

So, I’ll be back soon enough with what I’ve been up to. Until then, try to be good, be kind, be smiley.



Image Credits: and medlican via

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Piddy the Fool 2017

Piddy the Fool 2017

Pranks, hoaxes, conspiracy theories; I love them all (providing they don’t bring harm to people) and today is the day to celebrate en masse. Happy April Fool’s Day, the first of the month!

I thought I’d re-post this from last year…with a few 2017 updates that have graced my timeline this morning. ‘What is she talking about?‘ I hear you say.

Well, it’s the day when it’s acceptable to play jokes on one another, the more elaborate the better. And this tomfoolery is acknowledged the world over, with similar festivals of mirth dating back thousands of years – the Roman’s had the best name for theirs, it was totes HILARIA!


Now depending on when you read this, it may or may not still be April Fool’s / All Fools’ Day – some areas of our globe think it stops at 12 noon, local time and in my small corner of the rock, after midday, it becomes ‘Legging-up Day’ in which you go around, tripping people up. We’re a strange bunch in these parts…

But who doesn’t like a joke? We know that laughter has numerous health benefits and it does everyone the world of good to relax and be a bit childish now and again. Plus, it bonds us together, a shared moment of amusement.

So here is a collection of some of the better April Fool pranks that have been concocted. Companies, TV shows, celebrities and even government officials get in on the act these days and with the internet at our finger-tips, there’s a much wider audience waiting to be duped!

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