The Invisible Mother

The Invisible Mother

No card will be opened,
No flowers received,
No gestures of gratitude,
Appreciation of deeds.

A day set for others,
I don’t meet the grade,
I’m not in their club,
A decision I made.

I may not be a mother,
Giving birth to my own,
Or have given a child,
A new life in our home.

But five days a week,
I do dry their tears
Give advice and comfort,
Watch them grow through the years.

I wash sports kits, mend shoes,
Find food when there’s none,
Solve squabbles, build friendships,
Support when loved ones are gone.

And I listen,
And I listen,
And they talk
And they cry.

And we play,
And we build,
And we dance,
And we try.

Many times I’ve been screamed at,
Words wounding the pride,
But I guide their behaviour,
Still stay by their side.

Some more than others
Steal a place in my heart,
But my love goes unspoken,
Not allowed to impart.

Yet they know that I love them,
And I know it’s returned,
Through their smiles, their respect,
And their trust I have earned.

I may not be a mother,
In the conventional way,
But it’s attitude, not biology,
Whatever others may say.

In loco parentis,
From eight until three,
I’m a mother to hundreds,
There are many like me.

Happy Mother’s Day whether you’re a mother to toddlers or teenagers, cats, dogs, dragons, students or just your other half! Enjoy! 💕


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Wednesday Words Day

Wednesday Words Day

A sign to control.
The flag, it hangs,
Limp in the breeze.
A ladder.
A journey.
Sails on the horizon,
Still now,
Looking down on a city,
In smog and slumber,
A view blinded,
By beams of sunrise,
Flashing between,

[CooL GuY] {{a2zRG}}

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Tuesday TWOsday!

Tuesday TWOsday!

It’s true, I’ve turned TWO…
An endeavour that saw me…
Over keyboard to empty thoughts in my…
Igniting fears of ‘Will this be…
Yet my Field of Posts I wrote and you…
A small, cheery gathering, my own piece of…

Friendships formed over thousands of…
Shared stories, images, teardrops and…
Discovering new authors, musicians…
Talented people, creative…
Some stopped by for a…
Others still here…
Many I miss, ending sites along the…


To begin my own theme took me a…
It’s random at best, I have my own…
A natural faddist, this you already…
My attention span embarrassingly…

So, the fact I have have made it this far…
Over 200 posts is all down to…
DEREK (I’m kidding, YOU!!)
I can’t thank you enough for entering my…
A love for writing, once again…

I hope you’ll continue to enjoy each…
As Aloada adventures on to the…
Yes, it’s true, I’ve turned TWO,
IN BLOGGING, happy ‘blog’day to me!

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The Velveteen Blogger

The Velveteen Blogger

Something a little different today – not really sure where it came from other than the first line came to me last night and I decided to expand on it.

However, I’m no poet and neither is this a portrayal of how I feel (ooh, I hope I haven’t made it seem too gloomy for a Monday!)… but I wonder if some in the virtual world do have these thoughts.

We’re so easily connected these days and yet often further apart than ever. Anyway, as always, I’d love to hear your comments. 🙂



Do I exist as merely light from your screen?

As words on a page, a face never seen?

Do you set aside times to allow me to speak?

Neglected when busy or silenced all week?

Do you ever consider what fills up my day,

Beyond the image I like to portray?

Do you imagine my lifestyle, my smiles and my tears?

Is that of no interest, unless posted here?

Do I only inhabit the bytes on your cell,

Or have I formed memories and stories to tell?

Does attention come only if reminders are sent?

Would you bother to ask me how last weekend went?

Do you see things I’d like, that you’re eager to share?

Or am I not real, so there’s no need to care?

Do you feel we’re connected, can I call you my friend?

Or is life force extinguished once unplugged, yet again?

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It’s not exactly SCONE to plan!

It’s not exactly SCONE to plan!

Depending on your nationality, dialect and whether you eat tomAYtoes or tomARtoes will have a bearing on your pronunciation of this week’s Monday Munchies title.

I asked the maid in dulcet tone
To order me a buttered scone;
The silly girl has been and gone
And ordered me a buttered scone.

Source, Wikipedia (Anon.)

Personally, having the flattened Yorkshire tones peculiar to the East Riding of the county, it makes no sense to me. You see, I’m a ‘scone as in bone‘, not a ‘scone as in gone‘ kinda girl. Actually, I’m more ‘scern as in fern‘ (Mum’s been on fern, she’s made a batch o’ scerns…) but enough about my accent…I’ll leave you to decipher the translation!


However, as today marks Burns’ Night in Scotland, I thought I’d honour their pronunciation for the purpose of making my title work! Oh, and because I discovered something I wasn’t aware of: Scones originate from Scotland!

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