MY 2017 FILM FEAST: Jan-Apr

MY 2017 FILM FEAST: Jan-Apr

Last year, I made a note of every film we’d watched throughout the year and shared them in a post at the end of December. It seemed to be fairly well received and it also helped us review a year through a different medium.

So I decided to do it again. Except this time, due to the entire year being quite a gargantuan task, I intended to compile a post quarterly. And then we got to April…then the end of April…and I realised I’d missed my fraction window!


So instead, I’m hoping this is the first of a trilogy – because every good film comes in threes, right?! (Please don’t start giving me examples of when this hasn’t worked – there are far too many!)

Although this last month has been light on celluloid entertainment, we have still maintained an average of just over one a week, with 21 in total.

But what were they?

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Top 5 films of 2016…according to me!

Top 5 films of 2016…according to me!

I have a lousy memory and struggle to remember what we watched when, so this year I had a plan: keep a tally of all the films we’d watched over the year, then come December, I could do a round-up of my Top 5 Films!

Obviously, that’s based on MY films watched in 2016…you’ll likely tell me that some of them came out last year. In fact, some of them came out 20, even 30 years ago! What I haven’t done is include any rewatches – the ones on my list are all first time views for myself: 57 in total. An average of one a week isn’t bad!


The genres are all over the place, as we’ll pretty much watch anything, although if left to my own devices, I’d most likely be a full-on blockbuster/ sci-fi/ explosions/ horror viewer. But Sam loves quirky little Indie films, so I’m sure you’ll be able to tell which choices were made by whom (is that grammatically correct?)

So here we go… an insight into my viewing back catalogue of the last twelve months. I’d love to know what you think of the picks and whether you have seen them / agree with my Top 5. Drop me a line in the comments and give me your choices!

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Sow-en is it All Hallows’ Eve? (A history)

Sow-en is it All Hallows’ Eve? (A history)

Tomorrow, tomorrow! It’s only a day a-waaay!

Yes, tomorrow is the last day of October, the night the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest – Hallowe’en! Also known as Samhain (pronounced by some as Sow-en – you see, now the title makes complete sense!) it is officially my favourite celebration of the entire year – I get far more excited over this than Christmas.


Why? Absolutely no idea! I’m not sure whether it’s scooping out all that delightful grot from inside a pumpkin or dressing up to look like an idiot, but I love it. Although Britain is slowly upping its game when it comes to this festival, I’m determined one year to experience it in the US…and then maybe stick around for Thanksgiving too. Please inbox me with your invites…

But what makes a great Hallowe’en? And what’s behind the certain traditions? Here’s my look at what I consider the four most important elements.

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Classic ‘Choons’: A Quaver to a Werther’s Original

Classic ‘Choons’: A Quaver to a Werther’s Original

Summer means blasting out the speakers with the windows down, so here’s a throwback to what is likely to be on my playlist…

It was 5 A:M.

A time that’s either a tad too early or extremely late, depending on your viewpoint. Mine was definitely the latter. I’d already been awake for twenty-two hours and still had around another twelve to go before I could sink into bed. Rhythmically swaying from one foot to another, my mind was as foggy as the surroundings, the only sounds seemingly submerged in a hidden ocean.

To make matters worse, I had an urgent need to brush my teeth. Having realised they were stickily coated in a film of goodness knows what, I frantically began rubbing at each molar with an index finger. It can’t have been a pretty sight: Lips peeled back, I probably looked like a weird, humanised Cheshire Cat!


Best to keep your distance for sure. So imagine my surprise when another grinning face bounced up to me and said…

“Aww, lush man. Absolutely foooking banging innit? You got some? Giz a bit, yeah?

“Excuse me? Give you some…?”

“C. Yeah?”

“Sea? I’m afraid I don’t really get what you…”

“Coke, man. Can I ‘ave some of ya Coke?” he asked again, pointing at my mouth.

“Oh, sorry. I’ve only got some water. But you can have the rest if you like.”

“No worries, yeah? ‘Ave a banging night, yeah? I’ll tek ya water like, ta!”

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Sing-a-song of intros, a pocketful of themes

Sing-a-song of intros, a pocketful of themes

You’ve got time… So come along with me to a cliff under a tree…where some people stand in the darkness…but we’ll find our place in time, our place in time beyond the sun…because I don’t know what you’ve done to me but I know this much is true…I am human and I need to be loved.

There’s no denying I watch a LOT of television and if you view even a smidgen as much as me, you’ll no doubt recognise some lyrics in the first paragraph from theme tunes.

As an artist, getting your music into a show is an easy way to filter into the ears of a new audience: I’d never heard of Snow Patrol until I saw a trailer for the season two finale of Grey’s Anatomy, featuring ‘Chasing Cars’, but it prompted me to watch the show from the start, buy the SP album, fall in love with Denny and cry enough tears to warrant a second Ark!

Denny, Denny, whatever became of that beautiful soul?


Combine great musical choices with clever, artistic graphics and often I find I look forward to the opening credits just as much as the storyline. So this is my list of fabulous show starters – stick around to find out what my top 5 are and who is in pole position. And no… it’s not Game of Thrones!

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