Alphabet of Travel Snaps: L is for…

Alphabet of Travel Snaps: L is for…

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs

I feel it should be a band. Maybe a folk ensemble, one with some jaunty chap on a fiddle and another, beardy bloke banging on a bodhran.

Then again, I’m possibly being swayed by some Celtic vibe, as it’s actually an area of Scotland!

LRG_DSC00282 (800x534)

Not quite the true Highlands, it is still wild, craggy, and undeniably stunning. Winding roads lead through quaint stone villages, overshadowed by atmospheric mountains, unspoiled forests and surrounded by a multitude of lochs.

IMG_0532 (800x620)

Although Loch Ness (plus a few others) may be longer and/or deeper (and have resident monsters!), Loch Lomond is the largest expanse of fresh water in Britain and part of the Trossachs National Park.

LRG_DSC00280 (800x535)

Being only an hour away from both Edinburgh and Glasgow, it’s a perfect base for exploring and revisiting history (Rob Roy’s grave was up the road and Stirling, with the Wallace Monument, is 20 minutes away). But you could easily spend longer and never leave the area.

IMG_6974 (800x798)

We stayed in a cabin* on the shores of neighbouring Lake of Menteith – the only area of water labelled ‘lake’ in Scotland.

IMG_6923 (799x800)

We’re quite lucky to live in a part of the UK that is also not far from rural retreats and green spaces, but the silence when you are truly deep in the countryside is something else.

LRG_DSC00305 (800x535)

Had it not been for the (apparently wild) mallards that literally tapped on the window each day to let us know they had arrived, we could have easily just spent the week sleeping blissfully undisturbed!

LRG_DSC00306 (800x800)

But then we would have missed out on seeing our first ever red squirrel, spectacular scenery and bracing walks. Oh and bracing they were… and extremely wet. But hey, at least we didn’t get bitten by midges!

IMG_6960 (640x640)

IMG_6933 (800x600)

*We stayed at Lochend Chalets – see their website here:

Image Credits: All mine (or taken by Sam), so please be sweet and ask before sharing. 🙂

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Aloada A-Z Childhood Nostalgia: G is for…

Aloada A-Z Childhood Nostalgia: G is for…

G is the magic letter today and once again I found it was difficult to immediately think of childhood favourites that fit the bill.

Obviously, if this was a ‘Favourite Shows of All Time’ A-Z, it would be a no-brainer, with the Westerosi massive taking top billing. Add to that shows such as Ghost Whisperer, The Good Wife and a current delight, The Good Place and I’d be… good to go!


But we’re here to reminisce, so let’s start with the G-word that seems to crop up a lot in TV titles with…

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Aloada A-Z Childhood Nostalgia: F is for…

Aloada A-Z Childhood Nostalgia: F is for…

Well, we’re already a fifth of the way through the alphabet and have reached the letter F.

So what nostalgic gems do I have for you that are fantastic, fabulous and family friendly?

Let’s begin with a mysterious island, hidden somewhere out in the Pacific…

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Aloada A-Z Childhood Nostalgia: E is for…

Aloada A-Z Childhood Nostalgia: E is for…

Hmmm…so E.

It should probably stand for ’empty’, as thinking of shows I watched as a child beginning with the letter brought up zilch.

There were several that were later: E.R., Everybody Loves Raymond, Ellen and a personal favourite –  Eureka.


However, go back to the 80s and I was at a loss. So instead, let me focus on two characters, who had films or cartoons in their name, to make up the post.

Firstly, I present to you…

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Aloada A-Z Childhood Nostalgia: D is for…

Aloada A-Z Childhood Nostalgia: D is for…

So we’re finally here with my fourth and final post of the day, bringing me up to date with the challenge and letter D.

It’s a varied bunch for this category, with drama, comedy, action and aliens!

We’ll kick off with a show that in recent years has taken the world by storm but when I was a child, it was very British and delightfully quirky.

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