When the Curvy Lady Belts Out a Tune…

When the Curvy Lady Belts Out a Tune…

It’s over.



Perhaps not.

You see, I’m in a quandary, in regards to Aloada Bobbins. I think it may be time to throw in the metaphorical towel but I know that I’ll regret it if I do. However, it’s quite clear to anyway who pays half an ounce of attention to my little site that the posts have dwindled dramatically over recent months.

Bother it and blast. What to do?

I’ve already apologised for the lack of posts, in particular my story installments of Lacunae, and I don’t want to keep making excuses. The boring, sad fact is I’m a) exhausted from work, b) not doing much of any interest (see part ‘a’) and c) feel I’ve lost the desire to write. I’m hardly even updating my social media and that was always a HUGE part of my daily routine.

So I think I’m going to make like a volcano and leave. No, wrong saying. Make like a tree and lie dormant…

You get the idea.

I’ve always likened myself to a volcano, but usually in reference to my temperament – explosive, over fairly quickly. But as I’ve got older, I guess I’m more sleeping dragon, with the emphasis on sleeping.


Yes please, lots of sleeping…

I don’t want to say I’m gone from the blogosphere for good. In fact, after I’ve posted this, there could be a good chance of me having a lightbulb moment and an intense need to share my inner most thoughts on piles of ironing.

Which is better than actually ironing. Just.

I WILL finish Lacunae, if only for my own satisfaction. But when is another matter. Sue might have something to say if I put it on the back burner too long!

Maybe I just need a break. I sincerely hope the blogging fad hasn’t passed altogether. But just in case it has, I want to thank each and every one of you who has followed, commented on and liked my posts. Those who have made me laugh, cry and befriended me from afar. Those who have been here from the first post or just since last week.

Because it’s always nice to say thanks, whatever the reason.


You have made this journey worthwhile, given me confidence back and an incentive to try new things. And despite me possibly signing off from my small area of the internet, I still want to be part of yours. So I shall read and drop by and say hello as often as I can.

So, yeah…

I hate goodbyes. I’m rubbish at them. So I’ll just wave at my screen and say I’ll hopefully see you soon with something more upbeat and interesting. But if you’re not here when I return, I’ll understand.

Perhaps melancholy and apathy are fads too…

I’ll quit moaning now 😉


Ciao! xx

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Heavens Above!

Heavens Above!

In few hours time, darkness will fall across the United States, plunging many into panic and others into exultant displays of worship.

Of course, there are those that would argue this happened back in January and the Apocalyptic parasites have been slowly devouring the land ever since. Yet, I refer not to the mere mortals that consider themselves gods, but to the true celestial powerhouse; the Sun!

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All the best people usually are…

All the best people usually are…

Crackers. Bonkers. Eccentric. Weird. Odd. Quirky. Mad as a box of frogs…

All terms used for someone who is a little bit strange, several having been used to describe Yours Truly over the years. Often by my mother…


And I’m fine with that. I’ve always rather liked being slightly off-centre to Ordinary, even using it for ‘My Banana Cray-Cray’ post to introduce myself to the Blogosphere when I first started this site.

But now I’ve started doing things that even I find a little bizarre. Am I going mad? You tell me…

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Throwback Thursday: Little Logic – it’s all about badgers!

Throwback Thursday: Little Logic – it’s all about badgers!

This post is from almost two years ago but I was reminded of it this week when out on a very soggy school trip in British ‘summertime’ to the local farm. One of the children, who is five, wanted to keep us entertained on the bus ride and was asking us for our favourite Lady Gaga and Little Mix songs so he could sing them. I’m not sure he meant to be so amusing whilst he was singing ‘It’s my POKER SPACE, my, my POKER SPACE’ and ‘Shout out to my EGGS’ at the top of his voice!!

So, for Throwback Thursday, here are some little gems collected from my teaching career – please add any quality additions from our younger generations in the comments!

Okay, so teachers all strive to assist children in achieving those lightbulb moments, wanting to hear the little cries of discovery and realisation of a concept or skill. However, getting there is generally a journey of constant repetition, hair pulling (of the teachers, not the kids!) and often downright hilarity!

I hadn’t intended on this being my blog post today but yesterday a child delivered an utterly fabulous one liner (actually one ‘worder’) in a response to a question, that I felt it needed sharing. Let’s face it, children say the weirdest / funniest / most random of things, that to them probably seem completely plausible based on their short experience of the world. Some ideas are sweet, others slightly misconstrued information. And then there are the ROFL-copter worthy answers that eventually turn your tears of laughter to tears of despair when it dawns on you that you’re the one who’s been educating this child, so clearly you’ve not been doing your job properly!

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Trumping the Law

Trumping the Law

Miss, miss…it’s against the law to die in the Houses of Parliament!

Oh, that’s interesting…

Yeah, and my dad says that if you do, you’ll get arrested.”

Mmmhmmm…Hang on, what? Arresting a dead person? Are your sure he said that? Let’s look it up, it can’t be right. Oh…


This conversation happened a couple of years ago with a child in my class. Yes I was guilty of only half listening, giving out acknowledging grunts like many parents / teachers do when busy, but what I found out when I paid attention was frankly ridiculous!

But it seems she was 100% correct and there is a British law left in place, stating you’d be prosecuted if you were rebel enough to die whilst in the H of P! Like you might have a choice in the matter!

However, it’s not just us Brits who have ridiculous laws in place – all across the globe, from Samoa (illegal to forget your wife’s birthday) to Spain (no driving in flip flops…actually probs sensible), there are daft sanctions that could land you with fines or jail time.

Therefore, to coincide with the inauguration of potentially the most ridiculous law maker ever to be given power on the planet, I present a list of some of my favourite stupidity from around the world.

Seriously, I think some of these were made up by 5 year olds!


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