It’s my B-Day V-Day!

It’s my B-Day V-Day!

V-Day = VLOG-day: In other words, I’ve littered the Youtubes with more rubbish and put out another video.

This one has a special focus as today is my birthday (B-Day!), which I share with Steve of SteveSays. And I’m really bad at sharing anything, so he should feel honoured. 😉

birthday vlog

Anyway, we thought it would be fun to send each other gifts (which had to meet certain rules) and unwrap them ‘live’ on camera! So, if you can manage to sit through ten minutes of my nonsense, you’ll find out what I received…and if you want to find out what I sent Steve, click THIS LINK and check out his blog!

Ready to press play? I even sing for your pleasure…

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Pointlessly Extravagant Gifts: My Guest Post Guide to a ‘Bling’ Crosby Christmas!

Pointlessly Extravagant Gifts: My Guest Post Guide to a ‘Bling’ Crosby Christmas!

Steve was kind enough (or daft enough!) to invite me back to write another guest post. Not done your Christmas shopping yet? Maybe these extravagant little items will give you some ideas…like how the other half lives!

Thanks for letting me ramble Steve 🙂 (Whilst you’re over there reading my waffle, check out his other posts too!)


A ‘Bling’ Cosby Christmas Unless they’ve just stepped out of a Dickensian novel, most who celebrate Christmas will be hoping for a little more than an orange or (far worse) a piece of coal in their stockings this holiday season. Because let’s face it, Chrimble these days is a very commercial affair, with every outlet […]

via Haylee Says…Pointlessly Extravagant Gifts: A Guide to a ‘Bling’ Crosby Christmas! — Steve Says…

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Haylee Is On The Pop Mosaic!

Haylee Is On The Pop Mosaic!

A huge thank you to Steve for my Pop Mosaic tile, it’s so cool! Not only do I think they’d make a great, ‘something a little different’ gift to mark a special occasion, but it was also fun remembering songs, especially from significant years in my life.

And I’m happy to say there are some right good tunes on my personal birthday hit parade – A bit of Gloria Gaynor? Yes please! (Plus, two for the price of one, some are double A-sides, I’m not quite that old yet! 😉)

Seriously, check out the link that tells you all about it and if you’d like one for yourself or family/friends, get in touch with Steve. He’s a very nice chap!

Steve McSteveface

Since Haylee from AloadaBobbins gave me one of her wonderful calendarsjust before Christmas I thought I would repay the favour and add her to my new project – “The Pop Mosaic“.

The project is still very much under construction but I think it’s awesome! Click on the image below to see Haylee’s tile on the Pop Mosaic.

To find out more about the Pop Mosaic click hereand let me know what you think of it.

Also, if you are the winner of my Radio Request Show giveaway this week you get the option to have your very own tile!

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