It’s my B-Day V-Day!

It’s my B-Day V-Day!

V-Day = VLOG-day: In other words, I’ve littered the Youtubes with more rubbish and put out another video.

This one has a special focus as today is my birthday (B-Day!), which I share with Steve of SteveSays. And I’m really bad at sharing anything, so he should feel honoured. πŸ˜‰

birthday vlog

Anyway, we thought it would be fun to send each other gifts (which had to meet certain rules) and unwrap them ‘live’ on camera! So, if you can manage to sit through ten minutes of my nonsense, you’ll find out what I received…and if you want to find out what I sent Steve, click THIS LINK and check out his blog!

Ready to press play? I even sing for your pleasure…

Assuming you got through it, thanks for watching. And a big thanks to Steve for the gifts…maybe we’ll do a Christmas edition!

Is anyone else a fellow Aries who shares our birthday? Let me know in the comments and we’ll add you to the present swap list. πŸ™‚

Now where’s my carrot cake…?

Image Credits: My own, adapted from Bitmoji app.

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33 thoughts on “It’s my B-Day V-Day!

  1. Happy Birthday, Haylee! The unboxing was both amusing and revealing. I’ve never seen Butteries before, but EVERYTHING bread-based goes with peanut butter! And anything that glows in the dark is a fun treasure!

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    1. Thanks Sue! I would generally agree about peanut butter but I’m not sure it would work with these – too sweet. They were lovely with jam though, toasted. That said, I’ve never tried croissant with PB, perhaps it’s a taste sensation I’m missing out on!

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  2. Happy Birthday! I thought your pressies were quite good especially the wheels. I used to have a birthday twin, myself and my boss shared the same birthday.

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      1. No, didn’t get the day off but it was a very good month for cakes. Double cakes for mine and his birthday and cakes a few days before for someone else’s birthday. Eek, 3 Scorpio people in one office, now there’s a scary thought haha.

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      1. I think everyone needs at least one. I personally know three. But lost touch with one and the other is only 5 so didn’t think I could press them for presents!

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