Can you survive the Bargain Hunter Horde?

Can you survive the Bargain Hunter Horde?

The simple Car Boot (or if you are in the US, the trunk); an area of your vehicle used for transporting suitcases and groceries, housing spare wheels and dirty kitbags.  And if you’re lacking in seat space whilst trying to drive to that all important party, perhaps a small, willing friend might be found in there too (it has happened…).

However, to many here in Old Blighty, the noun for this humble storage space has been verbed-up into a national institution, with us spending weekends ‘booting’ as ‘booters’ and…um…’bootees’…


In America, it seems everyone loves a yard sale, a chance to offload some unwanted items and make a few extra bucks from the comfort of your own home, without having to wait for the eBay auction to end.

But us Brits would generally balk at the idea of inviting some random shoppers round to traipse through the prize petunias and churn up the freshly-cut lawn. Besides, one does not want the neighbours to see what type of tat we’ve had stashed in the attic!

So instead, we fill our car boots with precision that would make even a world-champion Tetris player envious, and trundle off to a nearby playing field before the sun comes up to do battle with…

The Bargain Hunter Horde!

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Pointlessly Extravagant Gifts: My Guest Post Guide to a ‘Bling’ Crosby Christmas!

Pointlessly Extravagant Gifts: My Guest Post Guide to a ‘Bling’ Crosby Christmas!

Steve was kind enough (or daft enough!) to invite me back to write another guest post. Not done your Christmas shopping yet? Maybe these extravagant little items will give you some ideas…like how the other half lives!

Thanks for letting me ramble Steve 🙂 (Whilst you’re over there reading my waffle, check out his other posts too!)


A ‘Bling’ Cosby Christmas Unless they’ve just stepped out of a Dickensian novel, most who celebrate Christmas will be hoping for a little more than an orange or (far worse) a piece of coal in their stockings this holiday season. Because let’s face it, Chrimble these days is a very commercial affair, with every outlet […]

via Haylee Says…Pointlessly Extravagant Gifts: A Guide to a ‘Bling’ Crosby Christmas! — Steve Says…

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