Lyrical Lockdown

Lyrical Lockdown

During the final two weeks of term, the pupils were set various challenges, whether still at home or school, one of which was to create a song about life in lockdown. They could either do this from scratch or alter the words of a well known song.

As someone who often changes the lyrics in songs (not always intentionally), I wanted to have my own stab at this. And as I’m not very musical (more on that later), this was the easier option.

But which to choose as a starting point? I thought about ‘Trapped in a Box’ by No Doubt as an ode to cabin fever and the chorus of ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me‘ by The Police will be a mantra for a long, long time! (Clearly the rest of the song is not appropriate subject matter for someone in education though…)

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It’s my B-Day V-Day!

It’s my B-Day V-Day!

V-Day = VLOG-day: In other words, I’ve littered the Youtubes with more rubbish and put out another video.

This one has a special focus as today is my birthday (B-Day!), which I share with Steve of SteveSays. And I’m really bad at sharing anything, so he should feel honoured. 😉

birthday vlog

Anyway, we thought it would be fun to send each other gifts (which had to meet certain rules) and unwrap them ‘live’ on camera! So, if you can manage to sit through ten minutes of my nonsense, you’ll find out what I received…and if you want to find out what I sent Steve, click THIS LINK and check out his blog!

Ready to press play? I even sing for your pleasure…

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Erm…erm…I did it again…

Erm…erm…I did it again…

A VLOG that is!

Some of you asked for it. Some of you probably missed the last one (it was around 8 months ago). Some of you most likely won’t ever want to see another one!!

But it’s here whether you needed it in your life or not.

Most over-used word in my vocabulary? See the title of post!

Are you ready? No? Oh well…

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I could never edit for Peter Jackson…

I could never edit for Peter Jackson…

Well it’s here… the VLOG!

Whose bright idea was it to do this? Oh yes, that would be me…

Hmmm. I wanted it to be ready before now but, well, here’s a few things I’ve learned about me vlogging:

  • I talk too much.
  • I talk too fast.
  • I say ‘SO’ a lot.
  •  And ‘Erm’…
  • I look at my face rather than the camera.
  • I probably shouldn’t have balanced the camera on a cushion.
  • Usable footage is about 1/5 of what was filmed.
  • Editing is a nightmare.
  • My hair annoys me…
  • …but not as much as technology!

It’s also too long in my opinion – I’ll totally understand if you don’t have time to watch it – but I didn’t want to leave any questions out and like I said, I waffle! Maybe I should have split it across a trilogy and released an episode a year…

I still had fun doing it though and the main reason for it was to say thanks to you lot for reading / commenting and basically sticking around and making me feel it’s all worthwhile. 🙂

Therefore, here’s a big list (in no particular order) of everyone who commented on the announcement posts, whether you asked a question or not – please go check each other out because you’re all awesome for many reasons (obviously… you read my stuff!)

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