Classic ‘Choons’: A Quaver to a Werther’s Original

Classic ‘Choons’: A Quaver to a Werther’s Original

Summer means blasting out the speakers with the windows down, so here’s a throwback to what is likely to be on my playlist…

It was 5 A:M.

A time that’s either a tad too early or extremely late, depending on your viewpoint. Mine was definitely the latter. I’d already been awake for twenty-two hours and still had around another twelve to go before I could sink into bed. Rhythmically swaying from one foot to another, my mind was as foggy as the surroundings, the only sounds seemingly submerged in a hidden ocean.

To make matters worse, I had an urgent need to brush my teeth. Having realised they were stickily coated in a film of goodness knows what, I frantically began rubbing at each molar with an index finger. It can’t have been a pretty sight: Lips peeled back, I probably looked like a weird, humanised Cheshire Cat!


Best to keep your distance for sure. So imagine my surprise when another grinning face bounced up to me and said…

“Aww, lush man. Absolutely foooking banging innit? You got some? Giz a bit, yeah?

“Excuse me? Give you some…?”

“C. Yeah?”

“Sea? I’m afraid I don’t really get what you…”

“Coke, man. Can I ‘ave some of ya Coke?” he asked again, pointing at my mouth.

“Oh, sorry. I’ve only got some water. But you can have the rest if you like.”

“No worries, yeah? ‘Ave a banging night, yeah? I’ll tek ya water like, ta!”

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Haylee Is On The Pop Mosaic!

Haylee Is On The Pop Mosaic!

A huge thank you to Steve for my Pop Mosaic tile, it’s so cool! Not only do I think they’d make a great, ‘something a little different’ gift to mark a special occasion, but it was also fun remembering songs, especially from significant years in my life.

And I’m happy to say there are some right good tunes on my personal birthday hit parade – A bit of Gloria Gaynor? Yes please! (Plus, two for the price of one, some are double A-sides, I’m not quite that old yet! 😉)

Seriously, check out the link that tells you all about it and if you’d like one for yourself or family/friends, get in touch with Steve. He’s a very nice chap!

Steve McSteveface

Since Haylee from AloadaBobbins gave me one of her wonderful calendarsjust before Christmas I thought I would repay the favour and add her to my new project – “The Pop Mosaic“.

The project is still very much under construction but I think it’s awesome! Click on the image below to see Haylee’s tile on the Pop Mosaic.

To find out more about the Pop Mosaic click hereand let me know what you think of it.

Also, if you are the winner of my Radio Request Show giveaway this week you get the option to have your very own tile!

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