It is with an overwhelming sadness that I share this blog post but it may serve as an explanation as to why I haven’t been around much.

Last Thursday (25th August) a day arrived that I never wanted to see: I lost probably the most influential person (and certainly the one I have been the closest to for my whole life), my Grandad Wilf.

IMG_0068 (5184x3456) (3)

At 97 years and 1 month, he had put in a remarkable 35,473 days on this Earth and in that time he had done everything he possibly could to make me and others happy. Only in January was he congratulated for his work with a local charity, being the oldest and longest serving fundraiser (20+ years, AFTER retirement) and raising over £150,000. He was very fussy to be interviewed on the radio!

Although his passing was expected (he had declined in health since a stroke in May), it is nonetheless heartbreaking for me and my Mum. If I was not visiting every other day, I was on the phone to him: there are countless days that other than Sam, he would be the only person I would speak to all day, so this is going to take some adjustment.

Which means I might not be posting, reading or commenting as much at the moment: I don’t really feel like…doing. However, whilst it may be adieu to my G-Pa, it is only au revoir to you, my readers. I will check in when I can, as I will welcome the distraction, but at least you know why I’m absent.

So I shall leave you now with a re-share of my post from my Grandad’s birthday last year, showing some vintage photos of his youth. And although he missed it by two days, I can be happy in the knowledge that his favourite rugby team, Hull FC, won the Challenge Cup yesterday for the first time in 11 years. 🙂 We will be singing ‘Old Faithful’ in his and their honour for days.

[Insert famous Arnold Schwarzeneggar quote here].

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Wednesday Lensday: Rare Vintage

Wednesday Lensday: Rare Vintage

Being a lover of all things vintage, when I saw signs advertising a 1940s themed airshow at the local aeroclub (where I learned to fly a plane), I knew I had to check it out.

It was a rare occasion for them to be hosting an airshow, in fact I believe it’s the only one they’ve ever had, but it seems it was to mark their 25th anniversary.


The highlight for me was the Spitfire – rare in itself, with apparently less than 300 left in the world, this throwback to WW2 looped, twisted and dived to delight the crowds. The noise of the engines was fantastic!



It wasn’t only vintage aircraft on show: tractors, tanks, cars and motorbikes, some dating back to the 1920s, also put in an appearance. There was even a collection of beautifully crafted model planes.

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Void of Rainbows 5: Focus on a Nonagenarian

This week’s Void of Rainbows is a special post and one where I can’t claim credit for all the images. Today is my grandfather’s 96th birthday, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite images of him from his youth

IMG_0068 (5184x3456) (3)I’ve always loved old portrait photographs and the feelings they evoke, but things I’ve found they have in common are the dour expressions of the subjects and their formal posing. However, the small collection I’ve shared (dating between the early 1930s and late 1940s) seem to have more life about them, being more candid, relaxed or fun. But perhaps I’m just biased as I know the personality in front of the lens! So here’s a brief history of my grandad, so you know who you’re looking at 🙂 …

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