Wednesday Lensday: Fly-by

Wednesday Lensday: Fly-by

Fad number 437: Flying

This week, I’ve incorporated a fad with my photography post: The time I flew a light aircraft!

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to fly. When I say fly, I don’t mean in the ‘which superpower would you most like’ sense. No, my love came from the machines themselves; the noise, the smell, the overall look.

How small!

I had notions of acquiring my pilots’ licence and once I saw Top Gun, my choice of wings became a fighter jet!

However, flying lessons are mega expensive and I didn’t have any associated desires to join the RAF. So for many years, it was just a dream, until one birthday, a few years ago, I was gifted with a flying experience day!

After some initial training, plus the obligatory health and safety speech, my friendly co-pilot, Bob, guided me into the air for a 40 minute flight.


It was…bizarre! Being quite a small plane, the engine sound was fairly overpowering, but aside from that it was just like driving a car. In the sky.

There was no sense of, ‘OMG, there’s nothing beneath my feet,’ or feeling that I could at any minute plummet to earth. It honestly felt more like I was trundling along some high, cliff-side road, looking down at the valley below!

All in all, it was really quite pleasant, with beautiful views along the patchwork coast, as we flew over Scarborough, towards Whitby. Even the landing, which I was a little worried about (mainly because Bob sat with his arms folded and said, ‘Go on then, all yours…’) went smoothly – I definitely deserved one of those RyanAir trumpets for on-time landings with no bumps!

fly girl

I’d love to fly again, despite giving up on the dream to possess my own licence, but something tells me next time there would be more of a need for speed… 😉

Image Credits: All my own so please be sweet and ask before sharing 🙂

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41 thoughts on “Wednesday Lensday: Fly-by

  1. If you can dream it you can make it come true…My grandfather bought an airplane in the 1930’s and taught himself to fly while he was rebuilding the plane, he flew until he reached his mid-seventies. During his life he saw planes go from open cockpit biplanes (basically paper kites) to a man landing and walking on the moon.

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    1. Wow, that’s incredible, teaching himself to fly! What an achievement 🙂 My grandfather is 96 and it baffles me to think of all the changes he’s seen. From writing on a slate to now, when he uses his iPad!


  2. That looks sooo awesome! I don’t have a fear of flying, but knowing me….my anxiety would be getting the best of me while I tell it to shut up. The views are magnificent!!! I’d probably be content to sit and take pictures!!!!!

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    1. Hello stranger, how are you – have you been stuck in a cache?! Was only thinking I’ve not seen you about the interwebs recently. It was excellent although I can’t believe this is something you wouldn’t be up for – don’t blow my bubble that you’re like a real life Lara Croft! 😉

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      1. *waves*
        Have been so busy with the mundane, weeks have flown by. Trying to catch up a bit with everyone! I nearly commented on that Facebook share you did yesterday (the 90s tunes – epic!) to say I’d been AWOL but then I killed Facebook instead. Ha!
        The last few years I’ve become a bit wimpy with planes – no idea why! Given the choice of flying one or jumping out of one though – I’d be straight in that cockpit!

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      2. Haha, I think I should kill Facebook, although my lack of posts on there probably means it’s dying anyway! Yep, I may want to stand on top of a plane but I have no desire to jump out of one either. I’m a little sketchy on flights these days too but being the pilot felt different – obviously I’m a control freak! Good to have you back 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Yes I was very lucky with the weather and how the images came out (seeing as they were taken through a grubby window!). I’m not sure what type of plane mine was but it was a similar size to a Cessna.


    1. I’m aiming for a glider next although there is someone who frequently flies over us in a micro-light. Not sure I’d be brave enough for that though – a bit too exposed!


    1. Haha, it’s a deal. But I warn you, I want to be in a fighter jet next!
      (On an unrelated note, your comments keep coming up for approval on my site, which usually only happens for first time commenters. Have you been having any problems elsewhere?)

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      1. Fighter jet it will be ! Will start training my Gs handling capacities 😉
        –not that I’m aware of , but I changed (last week?) my user name from izabolinha to the turtle , but once you approve the first comment the next ones should go in , right ???

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      2. Theoretically, yes. But you’ve commented already since you changed (I remember as it asked for authorisation). So I don’t know. WordPress is weird! As long as you don’t end up in the spam queue!

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      1. Only if you were dropping cherry bombs, I’ve told you before that I can’t be party to your acts of wanton rampage! Oh, and I’d need some Steampunk goggles but I’m sure we could come to an arrangement!


    1. I was super giddy about being up there! Although I doubt it would change your fear of heights, it honestly was weirdly like being on the ground. Perhaps if there had been turbulence or we were higher, my opinion would drastically change!

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