The Celine Dion Diagnosis

The Celine Dion Diagnosis

As some of you know, I’ve had a little health scare this week. Sudden, severe arm pain, chest pains / tightness, breathlessness and nausea plus an overall feeling of being unwell, suggested I was having a mild heart attack. What? I’m not old enough to have a heart attack am I? It most definitely isn’t on my list of achievements to unlock before I turned 40…


Cue internal panic, displayed in that typically British, stiff upper lip way – ignore it and everything will be fine. Except I began to feel worse and S decided that me Googling a diagnosis was helping nobody’s sanity, so eventually convinced me to go to A&E.

Now I’m usually the one taking the patient to a doctor / hospital, not the one needing treatment. I’m not fond of being prodded and poked (is anyone?) and have a ridiculous aversion to having blood taken. Needles…no problem, you can give me vaccintaions until the cows home. But the knowledge that something is being ‘sucked’ out of me results in me becoming a snivelling puddle of jelly. I warned the nurses before reluctantly giving in to their Dracula-esque duties but my veins were having none of it. They’d shut up shop for the day and were not about to release there juices to anyone!

Time to call in the big guns – a specialist Chemo nurse, who can apparently ‘get blood out of a stone’ and a manic (but lovely) old-timer who kept threatening to hit me whilst wielding an oxygen tank, just to get the blood flowing…


Well, it seems I’m not a stone. No, I must be a bloody mountain because even this crack team of elite nurses couldn’t extract my life force! Oh, let’s ask a junior doctor. They’ve not been studying for very long but their name tag suggests they have far more experience.

So, this petite medic proceeded to attempt for a fourth time, thumping the back of my hand so hard, it’s a wonder she didn’t break my wrist. And I still didn’t give up my secrets. Eventually, some three hours after the first attempt, my veins decided they’d run the gauntlet for long enough and allowed the dulcet tones of a Scottish nurse to entice them into filling some vials. It was all very traumatic for this wimp, who blubbered her way through telling whoever would listen that it wasn’t her fault, it’s her irrational fear of belly buttons (because everyone knows that where they take blood from), whilst rapidly tapping her foot like a human metronome. Random thought as I stared at the ceiling: I can keep quite a good pulse and rhythm, maybe I should take up percussion…

Anyway, nine hours after entering the emergency unit, multiple ECGs, blood tests, X-rays and general interrogation (Is it just me or do they ask you to reiterate your ailments to as many people as possible, just waiting for you to get your story wrong, so they can tell you to get lost and stop wasting people’s time? Yes, I’m paranoid!) they pronounced that my health was not taking a nose dive to the bottom of the icy Atlantic. In fact, my heart will go on…

Which I should be very pleased about (I am) but they still have no idea what caused the symptoms and I still feel pretty rubbish and I’m struggling to breathe. (*Sigh*) But the moral of this story folks, is don’t wait around if you’re unsure about your health. I may be none the wiser, but jokes aside, the medial staff were fantastic and even though I lost a day to this ordeal, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Thanks to everyone who sent me cheery, get well wishes 🙂

I’m still resting at home, as advised, and haven’t really felt much like preparing my posts. So I thought I’d use the opportunity to sort out some ‘business’ on the blog.

Back in August (so sorry it took so long!), Lisa from Into the Glade nominated me for the ‘If I could…’ tag. Described as the ‘Walter Mitty‘ tag, it’s built for natural daydreamers! As I said at the time of nomination, if I answered every question, I’d be writing a book on the subject, as my daydreams and desires change depending on the weather / day / what cheese I’ve eaten etc!


However, if I could have any home, it would be a random, fairytale Hobbit hole, on the edge of a lake or a cliff, looking out to sea. Preferably with at least one room with floor to ceiling windows on three sides – I like a lot of natural light! I do love our little house though and wouldn’t ever want anything much bigger, even if we were to win the lottery, someone has to clean it after all. If someone wanted to give me a house as a present, they couldn’t go far wrong with something featured on Amazing Spaces (or even Shed of the Year – I love sheds!).

If I could live anywhere… I’d have to say, out of all the places I’ve visited so far, I feel I could happily live in Italy. I’m very much a homebody, despite loving to travel and can’t really see myself outside of Britain, but I do feel a strong pull towards the country. Of course, if we ever get to New Zealand and find an authentic Hobbit hole, there’s a good chance I wont want to come back! Thanks Lisa for tagging me – please pop along and say hi to this lovely lady.

In other news, I gained my 200th WordPress follower and have surpassed over 1000 likes – something I still find astounding seeing as I started this blog on a whim. Thanks everyone for continuing to read and making me smile with your encouraging comments!


Which brings me to the Blogger Recognition Award, nominated to receive by Leisel of Skill up Skillet. She writes a game themed food blog with superb recipe ideas, linked to characters and pop culture references of video games. Big thanks for the nomination!

The ‘rules’ ask you to explain how you started the blog, to give some tips to new bloggers and nominate others to continue the praise. Well, my About page explains pretty much the reasoning behind me starting this blog (which was on a whim) but not necessarily behind the name.

Bobbins‘ is a word I use for many things, borne out of need to express outbursts of dissatisfaction when around young, impressionable ears! ‘Bob off‘ and ‘What an absolute load of bobbins‘ were my main phrases for a  number of years. Aloada Bobbins simply means ‘a load of rubbish‘ because that’s what I thought everyone would think I was writing about!


As for advice, read your post out loud before publishing. Use images to break up the text and include a ‘read more’ button so that it isn’t endless streams of letters. Tag your posts effectively (with generic labels such as ‘blogging’, ‘cooking’, ‘photography’ etc) and make sure you include an About page so people can get to know you.

Even if you do all that, it wont support what I’ve found to be the most interesting side of blogging – community. The only way to build your community and online relationships is to get out there and talk to people. Comments can mean a lot more than likes or visits in building a reputation. Therefore, make sure that even if you don’t feel confident enough to have a full blown convo with a stranger, at least say thank you for them stopping by your blog and acknowledge the time they’ve given to you.


I know many people aren’t that enamoured with blog awards, so rather than nominate people, I’ve chosen to show my appreciation in another way and kill two birds with one stone, as they say (Has anyone ever met ‘they’? Seems to be very vocal on many a subject!)

After my reblog of an old post on Wednesday, when I was fending off NHS vampires, I received some really encouraging comments from followers who had not previously seen it. So for this weekend, I shall be dropping in a few reblogs of my older posts, but more importantly, as a thank you, sharing some from other bloggers I love to read that I think you should check out too! My monthly Munchie Tea Parties allow me to showcase foodie blogs and I share many posts on Twitter / Facebook, but there are so many great bloggers out there that brighten my day, either with their writing, images or interaction, that I wanted to make introductions. 🙂

Is Celine still stuck in your head? I hope so…she’s been haunting me with a couple of chorus lines on loop for hours now! Thanks for reading this long rambling of thought (don’t feel like blogging = longest post in a while…) and I hope you will enjoy reading those I reblog. Normal schedule will hopefully be back with Monday Munchies, until then, have a great weekend!

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18 thoughts on “The Celine Dion Diagnosis

  1. I hear you Haylee. At 16 I had (my first) heart incident, I too am incredibly stingy with my blood and remember being pinned to the bed as a student completely mushed my hand up failing to take blood. Fun it isn’t.
    So glad you are on the mend now and loved reading your responses to those chain posts that had been so far as elusive as your blood… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, thank you! I have some delightful bruises from the attempts – the ones on my hands are at that in between stage that makes it just look like I haven’t washed!


  2. Oh my! Hope all is ok and that they can figure out what the heck is wrong. I read something about gluten allergies causing all sorts of problems. Don’t remember them all….watch it be something silly like that!

    While I’m sure having people dig for your veins suck…having ladies go “oh my! You have such wonderful veins” every time you go in for a blood draw is creepy too. Sometimes Id like to say “do you want to be alone with my arm”. Then there’s the dreaded….we have a newer person on staff! You would be a great person for her to work on…. *groan*

    Thinking of YA! Hope it all gets sorted out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yeah, the ‘please be our student’s Guinea pig’ is never a the most calming of sentences when you’re feeling ill! Hope it’s not a gluten allergy, I have the least will power in the world when it comes to my diet :/

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Gee, there is so much I would like to respond to here!!! One, your symptoms were definitely weird and you were totally right in being scared. Two, you must have difficult veins. (there must be a pun on that somewhere) I had a thyroid disease and I had to have blood taken out every month for a long time, and the phlebotomists told me I had “good veins”. Three, I would love to live in a hobbit hole too!! Four, I love your sense of humor, just love it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have been known to be difficult for many things, so I might as well add it to the list! I wouldn’t like have been in your situation, I doubt I’d get used to it, even after a few times – they’d end up having to strap me down!
      But thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed a few laughs – best medicine after all 😉


      1. Also, I forgot to mention how glad I was that you explained how you named your blog. Actually, I was drawn to it by that name “Bobbins”. It reminds me of Mrs Tiggywinkle and all those Beatrix Potter characters. I am an anglophile, and a sucker for all of those names. I could not figure out Aloada though, and I actually thought it was your name.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha, nope! Just A Load of rubbish! Although I have tried to personify it by making it sound like my alter ego’s first and last name 🙂 Big fan of Potter myself, both Beatrix and Harry!


  4. Hope you start to feel a bit better over the weekend. Must admit have never had a problem with needles………unless in the hands of a dentist. A flu type virus perhaps?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! My friend said it could be a virus but I’d have thought that would have shown up on blood tests? I don’t know…I just know it scared me and I’d like it to go away now.


      1. The blood tests will only show up what they’re looking for and there are hundreds of different virus’s I would think. But yes, very scary when you can’t breathe properly. Get well soon.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thanks. I blame my mother. She’s the same when it comes to giving up blood – they once had to take it out her neck, so I guess I should be thankful!


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