The Point and Click of a Faddist Photographer.

The Point and Click of a Faddist Photographer.

Hey everyone!
I’ve unfortunately spent the day in hospital being tuned into a human pin cushion and drained of my life juices by NHS vampires (I’ll be okay, just need rest) which means I haven’t been able to post earlier for Wednesday Lensday.
But as I’ve gained many more followers now (I actually reached my 200th WordPress follower today – welcome Stephalleneous! And super thanks to everyone on board!) I thought I’d reblog my first photography post that peeps may not have seen. I may do this ‘respin’ lark a bit whilst I rest up – I hope you don’t mind. I’m sure you won’t because you’re all lovely. ๐Ÿ™‚ See you on the flip side…

Aloada Bobbins

As an art form, I love photography. Along with preserving precious memories for generations, I also enjoy NOT knowing much about an image, preferring instead to make up my own stories about the subjects as if Iโ€™m stepping into a picture book โ€“ When was that taken? Why is that there? Who were they with?

I recently saw the 102 year-old images that were circling the internet, depicting a young girl on a Dorset beach, IN COLOUR! It was completely mind-blowing to me, not only that the technology existed (autochroming)ย  but just how timeless the photos were. The images could easily be from a magazine shoot today, with the only suggestion of era coming from her swimsuit. If youโ€™ve not seen them, theyโ€™re currently on display at the National Media Museum in Bradford, UK. Or have a look at how stunning they are here.

However, myโ€ฆ

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12 thoughts on “The Point and Click of a Faddist Photographer.

  1. I’m glad you reblogged: great post and great tip on Abandoned America. Am following now too. If you like that kind of thing there was an amazing exhibition in London a few years back of abandoned buildings in Pripyat (Chernobyl) with a small child superimposed over that are utterly ghostly. There’s more info and some of the pictures here. Not black and white but magical nonetheless. I love photography too, def my favourite artform.

    And are you OK? Thinking of you xxx

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    1. Those images are so haunting! I bet it’s an amazing place to visit and capture. I love derelict buildings, it’s like a secret world.
      And thank you, I’ll be ok after some rest. Bit of a heart scare, loads of tests and not really any the wiser, so just have to monitor and take it easy xx


      1. If it weren’t for the dangerously high levels of radiation I’d love to go there. A friend of mine from Moscow went as a journo aged 15 (!) and her pics from there have haunted me ever since. I love derelict buildings too! Another friend gave me the photobook Soviet Ghosts recently which is full of amazing such images…

        More importantly though, I’m so sorry to hear about your scare. That sounds effing terrifying. I hope you manage to rest up and that it goes away as suddenly and mysteriously as it appears. Sending big hugs and imaginary micro-crochet’ed animals to make you feel better. xxx

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    1. Hi Catherine, I’ll be ok thank you. Had a bit of a scare with my heart but thankfully the doctors can’t find anything sinister but have just told me to rest for a few days. Was not fun with all the prodding and poking ๐Ÿ˜ฆ xx


  2. I cannot thank you enough for directing us to those wonderful photos taken in 1913. I would certainly have missed them if it were not for your post!!! Not to worry about re-posting or whatever it is called. I have not seen your older blog entries.

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    1. My pleasure – they’re amazing aren’t they? Something very magical about them. I may do a few old post reblogs like I say – even with the best will in the world I know most people don’t venture much beyond what is presented on the main, home timeline, so it would be nice to share again.


      1. I have subscribed to many wonderful blogs, but I do not have time to look at many of them. Yours is one that is really worth my time. Please do find the best of your past blogs and post them. Your use of language, your choice of topics, your photos, the variety of what you post, all of it completely intrigues me. Thanks.

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      2. Sincerely, thank you so much, what a wonderful comment. ๐Ÿ™‚ It always pleases me that people are getting as much enjoyment from reading my posts as I get from writing them. I intend on reblogging some further posts over the weekend and probably adding some from other bloggers I enjoy reading too.


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