Statistics are like a bikini…

Statistics are like a bikini…

Hi all, for today’s Fadtastic Friday, we will be talking facts and figures!


No, wait! It’s not that bad…hopefully. You see, I’ve found a new mini-fad playing around with making infographics, brought on by;

a) Being a regular blogger for a whole 3 months!
b) Passing my 100 WordPress follower and 500 likes mark. Woohoo! 🙂

I actually reached each of these milestones last weekend, which is when I made the graphic to celebrate (any normal person would have just opened a bottle of wine I’m sure…)

So really, this post is just a massive thank you to everyone who has encouraged me to keep going, via views, likes, comments or follows and not let it be ‘just another fad’! It really has meant a lot. 🙂 Plus, a big word of appreciation to Jason, the Opinionated Man, who I’m very honoured to welcome as ‘technically’ my 100th follower. Go check him out if you’ve not met him already – he does a fab job of promoting bloggers too! 🙂

However, I follow my own blog (you know, just so I can marvel at my handiwork check it looks okay in the Reader), one follower is WordPress admin who was checking a fault and another is my friend who signed up twice because she thinks the blog is amazing (actually, just couldn’t get it to work first time!) Therefore, I figured I should wait until my 103rd follower to make an official announcement. This fabulous accolade goes to… *drumroll*… Professor VJ Duke of The Punchy Lands (such a great name!). I thank you and here is your ‘prize’. 🙂


I’ve been super giddy over the attention Aloada Bobbins has received (I mean, I know I have a lot to say, but never did I think people would read it and like it!), and hope it continues to entertain and grow. As a side (kind of related) note, we also found our 100th geocache whilst on holiday! Here it is – little isn’t it?! I’d like to imagine your virtual, pixelated selves are stashed inside, so I can keep you all safe!


As for the fad, the infographic was pretty easy to do, although it did require a bit of maths (there was probably some function deploying the spreadsheet that I overlooked, but I’ve never got along with them!) These things are popping up everywhere now, as a way to spice up statistics or make presentations look more visually appealing. I used a free template from and adapted it. (Yes, more hours ‘lost’ by pottering. Looking at RDJ pics and gifs didn’t help either…)

Before I share it though (because you’re all so eager to see my tiny accomplishment figures aren’t you?!), thought I’d include links to some of my favourite posts in case they’re ones you’ve missed. Go have a read, you know you want to!


And here’s the factual bit…

How exciting was that?! Okay, I’m probably on my own with this one…

Seriously though, thank you so much again to everyone who has supported Aloada Bobbins. Have a wonderful weekend and here’s to the next three months: CHRISTMAAAAAAS!

Image Credits: Here , here  and here. Others are my own 🙂

35 thoughts on “Statistics are like a bikini…

  1. I take it I’m the (dozy!) friend who signed up twice? Glad to be one of the admiring masses and congratulations on your blogging not being consigned to the ‘been there, done that, over it’ fad pile. Keeeeeep blogging!!

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  2. I just love this post! Congrats on your first 100! Feels good, doesn’t it? 🙂 I’m sad that missed out on the lollypop though…looks tasty! 🍭 here’s to more followers and likes and …no scrap that! Here’s to the beautiful blogging community! *pops open champagne*

    Liked by 1 person

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