Tiny Tales and (very) Short Stories!

Tiny Tales and (very) Short Stories!

As Fadtastic Fridays go, this will be brief. In fact the very nature of the post is about shortening, compacting and becoming concise – a quality I’m not very skilled at!

One of my fads is writing. ‘Really?’ I hear you mock, ‘We’d never have guessed, you being a blogger an all…!’ Well, yes, I obviously like to blog but I also enjoy writing stories – it’s just the finishing that I have a problem with! To date, I am half way through writing a young adult science fiction tale, three quarters through a children’s adventure and have the outline for another children’s drama / fantasy. I have completed an Early Years rhyming book and a historical children’s fantasy which are currently under review with the renowned publishers Mi-Hardrive Inc. but have so far gone no further… 😉

So when I saw a challenge by Benedict from A Hopelessly Wandering Mind, I jumped at the chance to participate and not only complete but share a story with the world. The challenge seemed simple: Create a six word story based around the theme of loss.

Six words? That should be a breeze. In reality though, it’s quite a struggle, especially for someone who fails to express herself adequately in 140 characters! So why I thought I could convey an entire story with six words I’ll not know. Yet these micro-stories intrigue me because what really constitutes a story? A single sentence generally shouldn’t but if we think of a story that paints a picture, makes you think, ask questions or perhaps relate to a scenario or character, then I believe these little nuggets are the ultimate tiny tales.

So without further ado, I bring you not one but three of my shortest of stories, my first attempts in this field. Be sure to check out Benedict’s challenge and read some other entries from his readers. Plus if, like me, you’re intrigued by the style, also have a look at the monthly round-ups of micro-stories from around the web, collated for all by Patrick.

Almost 350 words and still typing…I’m really not good at this conciseness am I?


Departing, their onward journey was uncharted.


Too late, she grasped only air.

Smiling softly, his journey began. Death.

Feedback as always appreciated – Thanks for reading! 🙂

Images via here, here and here.

10 thoughts on “Tiny Tales and (very) Short Stories!

  1. “Too late, she grasped only air” was an excellent MicroStory. Because I can see her either losing something/someone, or the one being lost. Either way it has a tragic “wait, you can make it, grab that… oh no…” sense about it.

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    1. Thank you! I wrote them first then found images to support the story. I know it’s about the words but I did think that particular image worked really well. In any case, a very enjoyable challenge – I’ll have to try more now! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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