Stop trifling too hard!

Stop trifling too hard!

TRIFLING – It’s a very British word to me, harking back to days gone by, when everything was spiffing and we all had a jolly good time, whatever the weather. It’s very 50s, very Enid Blyton.

And by association, this reminds me of bunting. Little flags of joy, strung up inside or out, showing off their polka-dots, stripes and vintage hues. They never fail to put a smile on my face and are such an easy decoration to make – I would gladly have them ALL over the house, if only S would let me! Here’s the easy peasy basics on House to Home. Remember, you can always use a stapler if you can’t (be bothered to) sew – completely speaking from experience…

bunting banner2 (2)

Today I discovered an awfully good reason to get the bunting out – It’s the start of National Picnic Week! I LOVE picnics, but If the scene outside screams wellyboots and woolies, it’s OK – indoor picnics are totes acceptable!

There are some great little recipes to start giving you ideas of what to store in the wicker basket (or carrier bag, we don’t all want to conform to the stereotype!) here: picnics are no longer a sausage roll and a bag of crisps! They also have some links to healthy recipes that can encourage kids to eat their veggies – it’s all about the packaging. Great for packed lunches too.

And as it’s strawberry season, I thought I’d share with you a posh picnic pud. By strawberry season, I don’t necessarily mean the native fruits are ripe for picking here in the UK quite yet, more that it’s almost time for Wimbledon. Which means there’ll be a sudden influx of people rocking up their versions of Henman Hill, Murray Mount or Federa Field, with a punnet of strawbs and a Pimms in hand!

This Tipsy Liliput Trifle, is the EASIEST thing to make, ever! The original recipe comes from model turned chef, Lorraine Pascale – Her’s is a full sized version, which would look great as a centre piece at a dinner party. However, always one to change things, I halved the quantities and popped the ingredients into little glasses. Served as individual puds, I first made these a couple of years ago and they always go down well. They are perfectly sized for a refreshing bite after something spicy – pop them in a cool box and you have a posh pud on the go!

IMG_1131 (2)

Here’s what you need:

  •  1 x Madeira Loaf Cake (I bought ready made)
  • 75ml Amaretto or any other liquour (TBH, put as much as you want in, I wont judge!).
  • 400g of strawberries, hulled and cut in half (lengthways).
  • 125g Amaretti biscuits (crumbled).
  • 50g icing sugar.
  • 450ml double cream.
  • 100g white chocolate (grated).
  • Few drops of vanilla extract.

Slice the Madeira cake and line the bottom of each glass with it (push down so not sticking up the sides too much).

Brush the sponge (or soak beforehand) in the liquour. Line the outer edge of the glass with strawberry halves – try to get ones of similar size and have them point upwards.

Sprinkle in some Amaretti biscuits until about a third of way up the strawberries.

Whip cream, vanilla and sugar together until thick. Spoon in a layer of cream and add a sprinkle of white chocolate. Repeat process until top of glass is reached (probably twice).

Add a final flat layer of strawberries and cream, ending with extra chocolate and a crumble of biscuits for a crunchy topping. And that’s it. Super easy and looks very pretty – everything looks better in miniature! šŸ™‚

If you want to make the full sized version, just double the quantities and of course, get a bigger dish! You can also keep some liquor back if you’re good with a blowtorch – with my skill, I daren’t risk it!

If you have any posh picnic foods to share, I’d love to hear from you. Until then, enjoy! x

(National Picnic Week runs from Sat 11th June – Sun 19th June in the UK…But you don’t need a specified date, just a blanket!)

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