Web of Wonder #1

Web of Wonder #1

Today, I thought I’d share some online delights that have captured my attention over the last couple of weeks. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you may have seen some of these posted already but I’ve decided to pool them together and may make this a regular feature (hence #1!)

It’s a selection of music, history, fashion, pop culture, art and nature. Don’t worry though, I’ve kept my crazy cat lady leashed – there’s not a feline video in sight! 😉


Everyone knows I’m a huge fan of Game of Thrones. Football… not so much (that’s soccer for you guys across the Pond!)

However, this little gem, put together by Sky for Deadline Day, was all kinds of brilliant. It will make more sense if you’re a fan / understand the madness of Deadline Day but I couldn’t resist sharing.

Ah, Deadpool. The comic book hero that everyone (well Marvel fans at least) can’t wait to see on the big screen later this month. The promotional teams have not disappointed with teasers for the upcoming film, none of which are actual trailers, more pop culture tie-ins just to show how self-aware he is!

As a Manchester United fan, the latest installment made Sam kick me awake (accidentally) whilst geeking out over it. It is pretty good though!


I may have only just seen this but it was released last year to mark the 90th anniversary of the Harlem Globetrotters. I vaguely remember seeing them as a child but it was more the collaboration with STOMP that I enjoyed – always a fan of a bit of percussion!

This video was brought to my attention by Steve Says and aside from being a teen fan of 90s dance music, I also LOVE accapella. Check out the dude bottom middle – he’s brilliant!


These ‘fashion / hairstyles / make-up through the ages’ videos have been popping up a lot of late. Saw this one yesterday and although I’m not familiar with Lamilly Dolls (who have created the promotional video), found the focus on young girls’ clothes an interesting angle. Can’t believe they missed out the eighties Ra-Ra skirt though!


Just some of the incredibly talented people out there…

These stories blew me away with the level of skill and detail. The first image of Emma Watson, by artist Nehaal Gonsalves, is NOT a photograph. Insane! You can follow him on Instagram and see a timelapse of his painting process.


The second set of images are from a collection called Paper Zoo by Calvin Nicholls – every animal is made from intricate layers of paper. You can see more of the collection and read about it here.


And finally, this poor little seal pup had gourmet ideas when it came to satiating its hunger – he found his way into a swanky San Diego restaurant, where he spent the night before being discovered and rescued! Full Story here.


Image Credits: Youtube, Nehaal Gonsalves via MTV.com and Calvin Nicholls via Wimp.com and CBS News.

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16 thoughts on “Web of Wonder #1

  1. Ohhh my gosh! The deadpool clips I have seen have been cracking me up! Hilarious! They, alone, make me want to see the movie!! The fact that I am Marvel obsessed makes it a must! Add in the fact that Ryan Reynolds is sooo sexy and…I AM THERE!

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