Wednesday Lensday: A Game of Stones

Wednesday Lensday: A Game of Stones

Rock Balancing. So that’s a thing.

And it does exactly as it says on the tin: take some rocks and balance them on top of one another. It seems to have become quite popular in the last few years, being a way to focus the mind and a form of relaxation.

Unless they keep falling down, then it has the opposite effect!

Anyway, when we were at the beach the other day, I noticed several people indulging in the pastime, except all they were doing was finding the flattest stones possible and stacking them like pancakes.

If I’ve learned anything of the art form from the images on Instagram, it’s that you need to build them in tricky ways, such as resting a large pebble, to wobble around precariously on the pointy edge of a triangular one. No glue allowed!


So I thought I’d have a go – I reckoned I could at least manage a few perpendicular arrangements. I’m all about rakish angles!


Et voila! Maybe I’ll try dry stone walling next… 😉




IMAGE CREDITS: All my own, so please ask before sharing. 🙂

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Opera House? No, Opera Bridge!

Opera House? No, Opera Bridge!

Like many people, I love a good bridge. I’d like to give some poetic reason, such as they’re symbolic of links between points in our life journey, but the simple truth is I just find them structurally appealing. Strong architectural lines with the added bonus of generally being near another personal favourite, water.

I’m lucky enough to live very close to the Humber Bridge, once the longest single-span suspension bridge in the world. Its arrival in the early 1980s put it firmly on the map as an iconic local landmark, for many, a comforting signal of home as it looms on the horizon after a long trip.


Seeing as I’m also a big fan of classical music, it was a given that I wanted to get tickets when the City of Culture team announced an event in conjunction with Opera North to walk the bridge to a unique, specially composed soundtrack: The Height of the Reeds.

Unfortunately, as tickets were free, they went swiftly and I lost out. Then, hurrah! They announced it had been so popular they were extending the run and this time I was in, albeit alone as we could only get hold of one ticket.

FullSizeRender (800x600)

So yesterday, amidst the extraordinary heat we’re experiencing at the moment in the UK, I set off for a 5K trundle.

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A Journey Through Fire and Ice: Part 4

A Journey Through Fire and Ice: Part 4

Rooooooxanne! You don’t have to put on the red light…

Nope, hold on. That’s not the Police song I had in mind for this blog post.

You see, on our last day in Iceland you’d be forgiven for thinking we were actually ‘Walking on the Moon‘!


Growing up in Yorkshire, I have been spoilt with scenery and much of Iceland’s landscape could be likened to parts of the Yorkshire Moors and Scottish Highlands. However, the Reykjanes Peninsula Geopark is completely different, and in my opinion, severely under-advertised.

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A Journey Through Fire and Ice: Part 2

A Journey Through Fire and Ice: Part 2

Before our Icelandic adventure, I’d researched and researched and…researched some more! The Golden Circle and Northern Lights tours always came up top, along with attractions such as whale watching or extreme snowmobiling over a glacier.

But we wanted to explore by car and fortunately, thanks to Tom from Old England to New England, I was alerted to the South Coast of Iceland route, down towards Vik.


A little more investigation showed this would be possible within a day and was home to some of the most photographed waterfalls in the country. In fact, it’s widely regarded as one of the most scenic drives out of Reykjavik. Oh, and it passes THAT volcano. So off we went!

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A Journey Through Fire and Ice: Part 1

A Journey Through Fire and Ice: Part 1

Ten days ago, after a five day adventure, we said our goodbyes to a country that captivated, mesmerised and enchanted us: Iceland!

As many of you know, a trip here has been on my bucket list for years. I adore wild, open wilderness, I’ve had a fascination with volcanoes, earthquakes and geology in general since being a child and I hoped to one day witness the Aurora Borealis. Iceland promised all this, along with a land that is steeped in folklore and fantasy. I failed to see how I could be disappointed.


But I still worried.

When you build something up in your mind for so long, you’re bound to be heading for an anti-climax. Yet, as the first sentence suggests, we had nothing to fear. Throw every superlative in the book at Iceland and it still won’t capture how awe inspiring it is.

We experienced four seasons in one day, dipped in hot pools whilst an icy storm whipped around our ears, saw more rainbows than I’ve seen in a year in the UK and looked upon landscapes that seemed more like alien territory. We were hooked!


And despite immense trepidation of ‘driving on the wrong side’, we hired a car and explored at leisure, naturally taking oodles of photos! These here are of the famous Golden Circle tour, approximately a 150 mile round trip from Reykjavik.

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