Fadtastic folding!

Fadtastic folding!

You can’t fold a piece of paper in half more than 7 times.


I learned this ‘fact’ when I was a child and set about trying to disprove it at every available opportunity, using a variety of papers, thick and thin, until I got bored.

Which was probably after about a day…

However, it did lead me to the world of paper folding, a skill I’ve admired for many years but never mastered. Until now.

Mastered may be pushing it…


Wednesday Lensday: Kaleido-blumen

Wednesday Lensday: Kaleido-blumen

I fully intended to just display some images I’d taken (mostly) over the last few days of flowers from my garden. But then I started pottering and tinkering with the images and…well… see for yourselves!

Each image is shown with the original, unedited photo. The main manipulation comes from using a kaleidoscope filter, then a little further editing with contrasts / blurring etc, etc. I’m extremely happy with how they’ve turned out, especially my ‘fuschia bee’! I might even get it printed on canvas. (I’ve tried to create little beasties in the majority of them.)

Are they something you could see on a wall? I’d love to know your thoughts, as always.



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