Virtually a social butterfly: Meet and Greet round-up.

Virtually a social butterfly: Meet and Greet round-up.

Happy weekend everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know that my monthly, foodie meet and greet, Munchie Tea Party will be happening this Monday (26th October). It’s a round-up of all my favourite recipes, collected from other bloggers, over the past month. This month, there is a topically spooky taste to most of the menu – just in time for you to learn some tricks to whizz up some treats!

tea party3

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a food blogger, I encourage you to check out the links and make connections with the recipe originators. You can also leave links to your own recipes, a specific post or simply to your blog’s main page in the comments – just please keep it clean so that everyone can enjoy. 🙂

Elsewhere in my little corner of the blogging community, Michael, of Michael’s Origins has created a directory that lists other blogs, from a very diverse group, in one easy to find section. I’ve seen a huge increase in my follows and overall stats since he launched it (thanks to everyone who’s new to Aloada Bobbins!) so it’s a great way to network. Check out the Follow to Follow link here.


Danny, of Dream Big, Dream Often is hosting his fortnightly Meet and Greet that is incredibly successful for connecting new (and seasoned) bloggers. Leave a link, reblog the post and get chatting! It runs until Sunday night, but if you miss it this time, remember to look out for it again in two weeks.

Finally, Jason, the Opinionated Man living in a Harsh Reality has started a new feature of blog reviews. Giving a super helpful synopsis of each site, it helps you network with a little more background knowledge of the entire blog’s theme. He may even be nice enough to review your blog, if feedback is what you’re looking for.

So remember to check back on Monday for the Munchie Tea Party but until then, have a happy networking weekend! 🙂

Image credits: My own, plus here.

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11 thoughts on “Virtually a social butterfly: Meet and Greet round-up.

      1. Thank you- I appreciate that, poetry is my natural niche. Something I was blessed with but never took serious and the challenge actually forced me to do so.

        -Thanks again.


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! You’ve got such a fascinating site – personal history intrigues me. My Nana was in the ATS so I look forward to reading your reunion post in more detail 🙂


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