The Rainbowfication Chronicles: PURPLE

It’s the final week for an individual colour in the Rainbowfication Chronicles and it’s all about purple rain…

Or should it be purple reign? It’s such a regal colour, full of opulence and deep vibrancy, purple is one that loves to lavish you with its sumptuous glory! Strictly speaking, there are two more colours of the rainbow spectrum: Indigo and Violet. However, there is much debate over which shades fall into each category and there is often a crossover. I’d always thought of indigo as the deep, blue-ish purples whereas violet was shyer, paler but often with a hint of pink as it headed back round the colour wheel to meet red.

Whatever your take on each hue, I’ve found I am surrounded by it. Our living room is purple and most assume this was my choice, but no. As the favourite colour of S, he was adamant on this when we moved in together and I’m so glad he was. I love our dark purple sofa and pale violet walls, plus the garden is filled with lavenders and deep magenta blooms in an attempt to be a magnet for bees.

Green may be my best colour friend but purple is always waiting on the sidelines to step in and make a grand entrance to my affections! I hope you enjoy this majestic shower of prettiness.

Remember, I’d love for you to take part in this challenge too, so if you have your own images of purple (or any other colour) that you wish to share, pop a link / pingback to your blog in the comments.

Next week, I’ll be combining the past 6 week’s efforts to bring the whole rainbow! As always, thanks for looking!

Image Credits: All my own, so please be sweet and ask before sharing 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Rainbowfication Chronicles: PURPLE

  1. I love the colour purple too and lilac. In fact purples and lilac’s are two eyeshadow colours that suit me quite well. I have that glasses case – Specsavers. I love cerise too (though obvs not as an eyeshadow ha) I always remember a cerise dress I bought from a shop in Manchester, that I’d always longed to go in as a child but my mum wouldn’t go in there. Back in the 60’s it was an independent boutique, all white and chrome and made to look like a cave. It was a straight, silk jersey dress in cerise with draping folds around the neck. I was about 17/18 when I bought it and always remember it. Yes purple is a very dramatic and opulent colour as you say.

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