Moodle Army #8 is open!

Moodle Army #8 is open!


Moodles – Doodles to change your mood for the better! Will you take part and enlist in the Moodle Army? Read on for this week’s challenge…

Bonnie Tyler once belted out, in her trademark, husky tones, that she needed someone strong, fast and fresh from the fight. But when we’re short on finding a knight in shining armour or one of the Avengers to sort out our problems, it’s time to call upon our inner strength and…


So let’s do this! Do you have a skill that would make an awesome superpower? Can you Moodle a saviour for all man (and woman) kind?

As always, I look forward to the interpretations!

Challenge runs until 9pm GMT on Monday 20th March. Link a post or send your images via email to

Happy Moodling!

P.S – Don’t forget to share!! 😉 Thanks!

Image Credits: My own, adapted from ‘Rosie the Riveter’, iconic WW2 poster by artist J. Howard Miller.

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