Moodle Army #5 is open!

Moodle Army #5 is open!


Moodles – Doodles to change your mood for the better! Will you take part and enlist in the Moodle Army? Read on for this week’s challenge…

It’s always good for the soul and karma to think of others and act in a selfless manner. But every now and again, it’s equally as good to put ourselves first and have the world revolve around us!

So for week 5, I’m asking you to…


Who or what would be in your orbit? What energy would you release on the cosmos?

I look forward to the interpretations!

Challenge runs until 9pm GMT on Monday 27th February. Link a post or send your images via email to

Happy Moodling!

P.S – Don’t forget to share!! 😉 Thanks!

Image Credits: My own, adapted from ‘Rosie the Riveter’, iconic WW2 poster by artist J. Howard Miller.

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