Wednesday Lensday: Cogs and Wheels

The images this week were taken outside the boathouse belonging to the Castle Ward demesne. If you’ve not heard the term before (I hadn’t before we visited Ireland), it means ‘grounds belonging to a manor house‘.

Castle Ward is the location used for ‘Winterfell’ in HBO’s Game of Thrones and although the courtyard area was fantastic for this fangirl to get geeky selfies, I actually liked the external grounds more. The boathouse stands derelict on the shores of Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland, jutting out in to the sea on its own mini peninsula.

IMG_5928 (2)

As you can see from the first image, there is a rusty winch wheel situated in front of the main building and it’s this I focussed on. I enjoy taking objects from unusual angles, or close enough to disguise the full appearance and was quite pleased with how the curves and lines worked together with the depth of field.

So here are some angles of this little, long forgotten, machine and hopefully they’re just in time to squeeze in as my contribution to Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Perspective.

IMG_5929 (2)

IMG_5931 (2)

IMG_5930 (2)

As always, thanks for looking. 🙂

Image Credits: All my own, so please be sweet and ask before sharing!

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Wednesday Lensday: It’s all Moo-nochrome…

Yes, cheesy title I know, but I couldn’t resist! I’ve been a little busy this week to process further images from our Ireland trip, so I thought I’d share some previously taken a little closer to home.

We’re lucky enough to live near a large area of common pasture land that is home to several herds of cattle. I’m quite a fan of cows (I think it’s their large emotional eyes), especially the shaggy, Highland variety. ‘Our’ cows, which are a mixed bag of Friesians and other dairy types, roam freely, often wandering into town and turning up in unlikely places. Whilst I always think it would be lovely to open the curtains and spot a cow in the garden, it’s probably a good job we live just far enough away for this not to happen – I doubt I’d be happy with crushed plant pots!

IMG_1189 (2)

In addition to the images, I’ve added in a little poetry. It’s actually a Kenning – a collection of words that describe an object, derived from Old Norse and later used strongly in Icelandic and Anglo-Saxon poetry. I love poetry but I’m not great at writing it, so if I’m ever required to create one (it happens more often than you’d think…) I opt for this style. Quite a fun way to get children writing poetry too, or even ask them to guess what’s being described!

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Wednesday Lensday: Shooting behind bars in Kilmainham

Kilmainham Gaol, situated in Dublin, is the largest unoccupied prison in Ireland. Opened in 1796, it’s famous for detaining the major political and military players in Irish history and executing many revolutionaries from the Easter Rising in 1916, before finally closing its doors in 1924.

Nowadays, it operates as a museum, detailing the various uprisings and past political struggles Ireland faced in a bid to break free from British rule. I’ve always found large, virtually abandoned buildings fascinating and not being particularly well versed in Irish politics, I was looking forward to an atmospheric history lesson.

IMG_5823 (2)

Kilmainham didn’t disappoint. The site is huge and although there is only access to part of it, you still get sense of how demoralising it would have been to be imprisoned here. It’s cold and bleak, with corridors of concrete and eerily abandoned cells still displaying the scratchings of prisoners marking their time. Moving  subjects for a few snaps.

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#WesterosWednesday Lensday!

By now, you all must have a fair idea of how much I LOVE Game of Thrones! This is more than a fad, this is borderline obsessive. But until I enter into the fandom realms of changing my surname to Stormborn, tattooing the sigils of each house on my inner thigh and sleeping next to a vial of Kit Harington’s sweat (that I paid an extortionate amount for on eBay), I think I’m safe from intervention!

I did, however, request that we tour around Northern Ireland this summer, in an attempt to stalk some cast members visit filming locations for the show! Therefore, today’s photographic post is a small collection of a few castles and landscapes featured in the HBO series. The title? Well, apparently this hashtag is totally ‘a thing’ if you’re a tweeter, something I only discovered recently, jumped on and then created my own (#TargaryenTuesdays) – I’m taking compete credit for this because surely no other fan in the world could have thought of this alliterative link… 😉

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Reaching the end of the Rainbow(fication Chronicles)

So summer is pretty much over, I’ve passed leprechauns along the way and now I’ve reached the end of the rainbow! My photo challenge to take images of each of the seven colours, a week at a time, is complete.

It’s been an interesting challenge as it has made me appreciate the colours that we take for granted around us everyday. For the most part, I purposely only photographed mundane objects – individually the images are nothing special. However, when put together in a collage, I hope they represented each shade well.

As promised, I’ve now incorporated all the hues together to give a rainbow effect. It also seemed a good post to include as my entry to Cee’s photo challenge – The colours of seeing. I was trying to look for colour after all!

The first image I created using BeFunky collage maker. I chose to only use the 6×6 grid, but could have created a larger one to use all my images if I’d wanted.

Rainbow collage

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