A Moodle-y Reminder

Hi everyone!

Just a quick reminder that you have until 6pm GMT tomorrow (Mon 30th Jan) to get your Moodle Doodles to me for the first challenge:

Look at things from a different perspective – draw the upside down.

Pleased to have lots of positive feedback for the introduction to this (you can read the post here) but I still need your doodles if you’d like to take part!


Remember, you can create a post and link back to my original post or send your images to and I’ll display in a gallery on Tuesday or Wednesday.

That’s all folks, happy moodling! πŸ™‚

Image Credits: via Pinterest.

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I’m leaving on a… train/plane!

Well, it looks like Miss. Bobbins is about to jet off on her holibobs – in other words, it’s vacation time!

Tomorrow, we shall be taking the train down to old Londinium, where I shall get to see my first classical concert since I was eight – at the Royal Albert Hall no less! I am incredibly excited. πŸ˜€


We’ll then be jetting off to the apparently beautiful garden isle of Madeira – obviously I had to choose a destination that was a name of a cake!


So, this is really just to say that there will be no posts for the next week or so but then I’ll be back – with a VLOG! (Assuming I can get around any technical issues of course!)

As I can’t be away from Wifi for too many hours, I’m sure I’ll be checking in on the rest of you and perusing your posts whilst I sit in the sunshine. And I doubt I’ll be able to contain my excitement from Twitter when I’ve been to the concert. So have a lovely week and I’ll see you when I get back and the Bobbins will have turned ONE!! Where does the time go?

Tatty bye for now… πŸ™‚

Image Credits: and Tripadvisor

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Aloada Bobbins has a good hair day!

Also known as ‘having a re-vamp’!


I got bored with the old look so I’ve played around with colours, fonts and headers for the last couple of hours. Everything has synergy now (Facebook and Twitter have the same design), because ‘they’ tell me that’s a good thing!

Hope you like it, let me know what you think! πŸ™‚



Tiny Tales and (Very) Short Stories 2: DELAY

I know this post is all out of sync for my normal schedule, but I wanted to have a bash at the Six Word Story challenge on A Hopelessly Wandering Mind this week, so ta-dah…an extra Bobbins post!

Without further ado, here are my two interpretations of this week’s prompt: DELAY. I do hope you enjoy. πŸ™‚

Target locked, she deliberated.
Huge mistake…


Your card’s in the post. Sorry!


Image Credits: HereΒ  and Here.

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A Pattern of Posts

Well, as I said in my post to celebrate a month of blogging yesterday, I’ve come up with a pattern of future posts in an attempt to organise the content and give some coherence.

So, starting from tomorrow we will have:

  • Monday Munchies (A recipe / food related post)
  • Wednesday Lens Day (Yep…it’s all about photos!)

And either

  • Fadtastic Fridays (showcasing my latest or a past whim)


  • Weekend Whatnows? (Musings, rantings or reviews)

Or both…depending how I feel!

I make no apologies for my love of cheesy word play and alliteration, plus I could quite possibly get bored of this order and change it without warning. So, I guess this is more a note to myself to remember what I’ve decided to do!

Now that I’ve wasted a minute of your time reading my schedule, I thank you and bid you a pleasant day! πŸ™‚ x