Entering the Twenties: Hear us Roar!

Entering the Twenties: Hear us Roar!

Well hello blog world! Been a fair few months, I know, but as a self-proclaimed faddist, what did you expect?!

As the first day of a new year, indeed a new decade, draws to an end, I thought I should make some kind of contribution to my little area of the internet. And the other half is watching football, so it gives me something to do.

So, Merry New Year and all that jazz! We are still only hours into the start of 2020 and another decade – unless you’re in the Team 1 camp, then you’ve got another 364 days to make a meaningful mark before the next stretch begins!

100 years ago, the western world saw the birth of what would be known as the Roaring Twenties, when many prospered as others became disillusioned with the world, celebrity and wealth were favoured, every major country seemed to become anti-immigration and (thankfully) women started standing up for themselves.

Sounds a little like the last ten years…

Because, let’s be honest, overall the planet has really let itself go in recent times. And when I say the planet, I obviously mean we’ve done a right number on it.

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