Messing about with a horde of strawbs!

Messing about with a horde of strawbs!

Seeing as it’s the start of Wimbledon (and I’ve gained quite a few new followers recently, thank you!) I thought I’d re-share the recipe that still makes me feel the most accomplished for this week’s Monday Munchies: As an added bonus, you get to see me with a strawberry for a nose!

I’m terrible for having sudden whims and fancies that I like to put into immediate action, usually much to the annoyance of S. Friday saw such an event as we were on a drive to a sporting final out in the country and I suddenly spotted a ‘Pick Your Own‘ strawberry patch.

‘Ooh, can we go there?’

‘Where, that field? Now?’

A big grin signalled that yes, I would like to detour into said field right this minute! Despite the audible sigh, S obliged and abruptly turned into the parking area. Of course, it couldn’t be that simple could it? We had no change on us (I’m also awful for only ever carrying plastic) and this field was clearly living in the Dark Ages and had no power supply for a cash machine 😉 However, after a bit of back and forth to a local garage, we had money and a basket and off we went.


I was loving it! Just the smell alone was wonderful, but there’s something very calming about pottering around a field and foraging. After about 40 minutes, we had around a kilo of strawberries (some right hefty specimens too!) of differing varieties for a bargain price.

I do like strawberries but they’re not something I buy generally as they usually get wasted. So having a kilo to use up because of my impromptu madness meant I needed to find some suitable recipes. I’ve been seeing a lot of Eton Mess recipes recently (they always seem to be rolled out as a summer staple) and a few for a cheesecake variation were looking enticing! Cheesecake at one point was my ‘go to’ dessert when out for a meal, though I think I over did the consumption and my appetite for it was lost. However, I’ve recently become reacquainted with its creamy loveliness, so announced to S that this is what he could expect as dessert when he got home…

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