Cake. In a glass.

Cake. In a glass.

I don’t like alcohol.

There, I said it. It’s alright, I can tolerate it, but if it suddenly disappeared off the planet I’d not miss it. A little like chocolate. And coffee. Ooh, who said you need politics and religion to be controversial?! 😉

However, sometimes I need to leave the house and be sociable and indulge in a glass or two – there are only certain times and places that it’s acceptable to drink tea and nobody wants to sit with their pint whilst I sip on a glass of milk! Designated driver duties work wonders but still, I can’t always use that excuse.


So when it comes to ‘preferred’ beverages over 0% ABV, I skip straight to the harder stuff – I’ve developed a liking for vodka, probably because I don’t think it has that much of a taste (and I can pretend I’m an international spy…), although I’d like to think I’m a little more discerning these days than liking bog-standard Smirnoff.


However, anyone who knows me realises that I do love cake – so joy of joys, when a drink tastes like a cake, I’m a happy bunny! Perhaps this is another reason why I opt for vodka: the beauty of the spirit being that you can infuse it with anything and it will pick up the flavours. Strawberries, Skittles, even bacon or pickles (?) can be used to create a distinct base for a cocktail.

Therefore, as tomorrow marks my… *cough* birthday, I thought I’d share some delicious cocktails, that imitate classic cakes and treats for this week’s Monday Munchies. Because, what says celebration more than cakes and cocktails? (Okay, okay, presents, balloons, flowers, fireworks, champagne, parties all work too!)

Shakers at the ready for CAKE. IN A GLASS!

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