It’s like a Soul II Soul lyric…Time to take care of business!

It’s like a Soul II Soul lyric…Time to take care of business!

Hi everyone! So we’ve returned from our little trundle around Ireland – alas, no Jon Snows were captured 😦 However, it was a nice little trip away and there will be future posts about our adventures once I’ve organised the truck load of photos I took!


Now though, it’s back to life, reality and the grim realisation there’s only one week left of summer holidays – it’s as if the extra week we were graced with this year somehow sped time up more than normal (although I’m sure all school workers believe in this time bending magic, whilst parents feel the world has slowed to a lethargic crawl!)

Since returning, I’ve been busy and created a little Facebook page for the blog, mainly because friends were asking for links and this seemed the best solution, whilst still keeping my personal Facebook private. You can like the page by visiting here – as always it’ll be super to have you on board. 🙂

The day we left for our travels I was also nominated for not one, but two awards! I’m incredibly flattered to have been considered for these, so firstly let me say a huge thank you to Megan from The MomHood for my Liebster Award – please stop by her site, it’s full of lovely photos and inspirational quotes. Plus, she’s been kind enough to participate in my Rainbowfication challenge! Also, massive thanks for my Versatile Blogger Award from Beauty by Elyse – if you want some great beauty tips then her site has loads to offer…or just go check out her amazing eyelashes (only slightly jealous honest…!)

Awards are fabulous for promoting bloggers and who doesn’t like receiving praise? I also understand though that many find them a little time consuming or don’t enjoy the ‘chain blog’ nature of them. Therefore, I’ve decided to cheat / break the rules a little for my responses. Firstly, I’ve chosen a selection of my favourite questions from each lovely lady to answer. Secondly, I’m not so much nominating as drawing your attention to some awesome blogs. Each person I’ve chosen I enjoy reading on a regular basis – if any of them would like participate in either (or both!) award, then super, but I understand they may also have already been nominated and won’t want to repeat it. Please check them out though and show them some love. 🙂

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