On yer bike, lad!

On yer bike, lad!

Cycling: I’m quite fond of venturing out on two wheels, tootling around and taking in the scenery.

But I’m certainly not an off-roader, bouncing through puddles and daubing my back in an unattractive streak of mud.


Nor will you see me donning an aerodynamic body suit and bending at an almost 90ยบ angle over my handle-bars.

Nope, I’m much more a baguette (or a dog) in a basket kind of cyclist.



However, if last year is anything to go by, today will see a strange phenomenon that will survive across summer.

Much like how January seems to compel thousands into a gym, or everyone starts practising their back-hand (okay, just eating strawberries and drinking Pimms) around Wimbledon season, there is a sporting event beginning that will invoke enthusiasts to pipe themselves into colourful Lycra and ride around en masse, generally blocking the rush hour traffic.



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