The Pokemon Directive – 28 days since outbreak of Aloada’s BLoGGins

The Pokemon Directive – 28 days since outbreak of Aloada’s BLoGGins

Happy 4th of July everyone!

I’m always a little jealous of the celebrations across The Pond. Here in the UK we don’t really have any annual celebrations on the same scale. We do of course roll out the fireworks each November to essentially cheer a historical act of terrorism (Guy Fawkes’ attempt to blow up our parliament some 400+ years ago) and then we store a few to let off at New Year. But beyond that, we either have to wait for a milestone birthday of our Queen, host the Olympics or declare some Irish heritage and adopt St. Paddy’s Day!

As well as the Independence Day frivolities, today is a little sparkler worthy for me too because it marks 28 days of my blog! If you’ve read my About page, you’ll know that I wasn’t all that confident of reaching this far. My magpie tendencies were sure to quell my initial enthusiasm by turning my attention to something far more worthy of my time. But so far, I haven’t forgotten my login details and I’m continuing to really enjoy uploading a load of bobbins for the world to read 🙂

A huge thank you to everyone who has checked in, liked, commented and followed – your interest and encouraging words have fuelled my desire to keep posting 🙂 I feel like I’ve more of a handle on it all now, but I still have far more ideas for things I’d like to do with the blog and equally as much to learn. But I decided today’s post would look at a few things I’ve learned (or I’m in the process of learning) so far. Perhaps it will help some other fledgling bloggers out there too.

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