Throwback Thursday: Little Logic – it’s all about badgers!

Throwback Thursday: Little Logic – it’s all about badgers!

This post is from almost two years ago but I was reminded of it this week when out on a very soggy school trip in British ‘summertime’ to the local farm. One of the children, who is five, wanted to keep us entertained on the bus ride and was asking us for our favourite Lady Gaga and Little Mix songs so he could sing them. I’m not sure he meant to be so amusing whilst he was singing ‘It’s my POKER SPACE, my, my POKER SPACE’ and ‘Shout out to my EGGS’ at the top of his voice!!

So, for Throwback Thursday, here are some little gems collected from my teaching career – please add any quality additions from our younger generations in the comments!

Okay, so teachers all strive to assist children in achieving those lightbulb moments, wanting to hear the little cries of discovery and realisation of a concept or skill. However, getting there is generally a journey of constant repetition, hair pulling (of the teachers, not the kids!) and often downright hilarity!

I hadn’t intended on this being my blog post today but yesterday a child delivered an utterly fabulous one liner (actually one ‘worder’) in a response to a question, that I felt it needed sharing. Let’s face it, children say the weirdest / funniest / most random of things, that to them probably seem completely plausible based on their short experience of the world. Some ideas are sweet, others slightly misconstrued information. And then there are the ROFL-copter worthy answers that eventually turn your tears of laughter to tears of despair when it dawns on you that you’re the one who’s been educating this child, so clearly you’ve not been doing your job properly!

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