Sing-a-song of intros, a pocketful of themes

Sing-a-song of intros, a pocketful of themes

You’ve got time… So come along with me to a cliff under a tree…where some people stand in the darkness…but we’ll find our place in time, our place in time beyond the sun…because I don’t know what you’ve done to me but I know this much is true…I am human and I need to be loved.

There’s no denying I watch a LOT of television and if you view even a smidgen as much as me, you’ll no doubt recognise some lyrics in the first paragraph from theme tunes.

As an artist, getting your music into a show is an easy way to filter into the ears of a new audience: I’d never heard of Snow Patrol until I saw a trailer for the season two finale of Grey’s Anatomy, featuring ‘Chasing Cars’, but it prompted me to watch the show from the start, buy the SP album, fall in love with Denny and cry enough tears to warrant a second Ark!

Denny, Denny, whatever became of that beautiful soul?


Combine great musical choices with clever, artistic graphics and often I find I look forward to the opening credits just as much as the storyline. So this is my list of fabulous show starters – stick around to find out what my top 5 are and who is in pole position. And no… it’s not Game of Thrones!

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