Orange is the new SOUP!

Orange is the new SOUP!

Or should it be, ‘Soup is the new black‘?

S deliberated over this title when I told him, arguing that it implies that orange is the ‘must have’ item or colour, rather than the soup.

Oh. I’d certainly not thought about it so deeply. In fact, I kind of thought I was being pretty clever with the pun. Now though, I feel a little…thick. Hmph!

However, not as thick as this week’s hearty and healthy addition to Monday Munchies! That’s right, we have a warming autumnal soup, sporting the season’s favourite hue: Orange. Made from roasted sweet potatoes, carrots and red lentils, it’s full of fibre, protein and vitamins A, B and C. Just what you need to stave off those seasonal colds that may be lurking about!

It reminded me of a vinyl record!

I first started making soups last year when we ‘inherited’ a blender and felt very accomplished after my first batch. Although I was congratulating myself over cooking prowess, I’d never realised just how simple soups were to create. Like, ‘souper’ easy… 😉 I love how you can basically throw anything in and it tastes great! Seriously, if you’ve never made a soup before, do it – you’ll not regret it!

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