The Shamelessly Promotional Post

The Shamelessly Promotional Post

Firstly, apologies. It’s incredibly rude to have been away a while and then come back to promote a little business venture but I’ve been semi- productive during lockdown and now have a new page!

After thinking about it for a while and bolstered by the feedback of at least three people, I’ve decided to offer some of my photo art for sale.

Taking some tentative steps into this marketing malarkey, I’ve set up a new page on Facebook: Aloada Bobbins’ Creative Design where you can purchase greeting cards and (eventually) larger Giclée prints.

Here’s a preview of what to expect – some images you may even recognise!

So, if you’re on Facebook or know someone who might be in need of something to brighten up a wall space, then please pop along, take a look and spread the word!

You can follow along by clicking HERE.

(If you’re outside the UK but are still interested in purchasing something, just drop me a message and I can let you know about postage options.)

IMAGE CREDITS: All my own… but I REALLY want you to share 😉

Wednesday Lensday: My Instagram Story

Wednesday Lensday: My Instagram Story

As Instagram launch their new feature, Instagram Stories, I thought I’d share my own ‘story’ of using the social media app.

I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks – I was loathe to join previously, thinking it was nothing more than pouting girls and another outlet for Kardashian exploits. Well it is that, if you choose to follow them, but I’ve found that I’m quite enjoying the quickness of sharing and viewing (some incredible) photography from around the world.


Things I’ve learned so far:

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What you talkin’ about, Willis?

What you talkin’ about, Willis?

If you’re on Facebook, you’ll be familiar with those little throw-back reminders they periodically give, bringing up old photos and events.

And then there’s the December ‘Year in Review’ montages that generally tell me I have a love of Game of Thrones, cake and… well just put those two things on loop!

But sometimes, FB takes me back to some status updates that I have no idea about where they have come from. I recognise a few as song lyrics (I was clearly being creatively cryptic!), some I gained context from the attached comments and others have been gems of quotes from children I’ve taught or odd things I’ve seen. But there are many that seem like I was either under the influence of some dodgy substance or just corroborate that I’ve always been weird!


Anyway, I started reading, and reading some more and eventually went back to the beginning of my time line (I highly recommend this, it’s quite entertaining. Unless you only update about the weather…). So to make it not seem like a waste of my eye time, I decided that I’d share some of my favourites. Maybe you can suggest what on earth I was talking  about!

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The Room of Non-Requirement

The Room of Non-Requirement

I’ve been terrible at posting this last week, sorry! It’s half term holiday in most of the UK, so you’d think the extra time would allow me to produce blog posts a-plenty. Instead of writing, I purchased a cello (more on that in a later post!)

However, it’s past due that I address a little nomination that the always hilarious Catherine, from Atypical 60, tagged me in: The Room 101 challenge.

Room 101 – The mythical place we can send our most hated pets…


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Pretentious or Professional?

Pretentious or Professional?

Hey, hey! Told you I might pop up during my blogging break. 🙂

Just wanted to share this little video that you may have seen bobbing about the internet over the last couple of days.

S drew my attention to it and whilst my first thought was that it was very funny, I suddenly thought, ‘Oh deary, what if he’s having a dig at me?!’

Pfft! He assured me he wasn’t (he better not be, not with his birthday tomorrow!) Besides, as he reminded me, I’m not on Instagram – never seen the appeal if I’m honest.

However, I am completely guilty of standing on chairs to capture images of ‘stuff’ and have stopped food or liquid consumption going ahead, just to be able to get the perfect meal shot! I’m fully aware how tedious this may seem to others waiting!

So in the interests of Christmas and kindness, remember if you have a partner:


Switch off and login in with them for a change! 😉

As an additional, side-note of kindness, Izabolinha from A Turtle Way wrote a lovely post about me yesterday. It made my Friday! So please go and check out her blog and show some return love. She gives out free turtle hugs!

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