Tiny Tales Assembled: I’m on Amazon!

Tiny Tales Assembled: I’m on Amazon!

Six words of shameless self-promotion to indicate that my six-word stories are now available to buy. You know, if you like reading them and are feeling nice…

Yes, after stating on my bucket list that I’d like to have a book published, I can officially say that I have achieved this goal!

Okay, so yes I did it myself. I’ll still hold on to the notion that one day a traditional publishing house will snap up my words and I’ll be subjected to a whirlwind of signings and film offers and be asked to cut the ribbon at the opening of my theme park.

Until then, I have taken the plunge to collate all my Tiny Tales written so far, working over the last few weeks to pop them on Amazon. Some have appeared within blog posts, several have been entries to the weekly challenge hosted by Nicola Auckland, but there are plenty of new ones too. Oh, and I tried to entertain you with some added illustrations …but full disclosure, I’m no Van Gogh!

KINDLE COVER (401x640)

I’m working on offering a print version but for now it is available to download on Kindle. This is all very new to me, I’m bound to have done something wrong or shouldn’t have listened to the Amazon advice on pricing, or whatever.

However, even if you’re not interested in funding my trip to Iceland, I’d be beyond grateful if you shared its existence. It may appeal to other authors or educators as starting points for creative writing – I have to be confident that someone will want a copy.

Mum, I hope you are you reading this…

So, hmmm, yeah… that makes me feel a bit awkward if I’m honest. I’m not too good at the selling yourself role. Any feedback appreciated – I’ll definitely respond once I’ve stopped squirming in the corner.

In the meantime, you can find the details here and look inside to laugh at my attempts at art… https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01J42MHK0

Thanks muchly,

Haylee x

Image Credits: My own.

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