Lacunae: Chapter 3 (Cont.)

Lacunae: Chapter 3 (Cont.)

As promised yesterday, here’s the continuation of Lacunae: Chapter 3. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

If you missed Lacunae: Chapter 1, you can go right back to the beginning and read it HERE.


“I told you! But no, nobody listens to little Iris do they?” Iris’ panicked tone broke the stunned atmosphere that had descended in the bar, making all three men jump. Engrossed in the news report, Cooper hadn’t seen her return from the bathroom.

“Jesus Sis,turn it down a notch! And what precisely did you tell me about, because I don’t remember you saying anything about evacuations, acid rain and possible death!”

“The volcano! This is bad, really bad. People could die Coop, or get melted by some acidic downpour and that man knew! He predicted it, with all his talk of fire water and sky demons and what happened? They locked him up to keep it quiet. It’s a conspiracy, they don’t want the public to know they messed up their monitoring and now it’s too late to save people, oh God…”

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Lacunae: Chapter 3

Lacunae: Chapter 3

Hi everyone 🙂 It’s been a busy week so the next installment of Lacunae is a little late – it’s hard work, this writing lark! My chapters also seem to be getting longer, that’s why I’ve split this over two posts. The second half will be live tomorrow (Sunday 9th July).

So, without needlessly adding to the word count, here’s Lacunae: Chapter 3. As always, I’d love your feedback!

If you’ve missed the start of Lacunae, you can go right back to the beginning and read from HERE.




Two universal hand gestures for failure appeared in front of his face, accompanied with mocking laughter. Cooper Bradford had great friends!

“Man, if a ho did that to me, she’d be going down. And you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout when I say ‘going down’! Damn, she would pay, big time.”

“Trent, what is that accent?” Cooper and his best friend Max stared at the weird third wheel of the group.

“Bitch be crazy, man. That Jenna needs showing who’s in control. Ain’t no woman be doing that to the Trentboy!” Trent rapped his fingers together, in what Cooper assumed was his attempt to look ‘gangsta’.

“Trentboy? Are you serious? Like rent boy. This is the name you’re going with?”

“And again,” continued Max, “Why were you talking like some reject from Snoop Dogg’s crew? C’mon, it’s offensive on so many levels.”

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Lacunae: Chapter 2

Lacunae: Chapter 2

Hi everyone! And so it continues… Here’s Chapter 2 of my sci-fi tale Lacunae. I hope you enjoy it, feedback is most welcome!

A special mention to Sue from Space, Time and Raspberries who has volunteered herself to be my beta reader – she has her hands full hammering out the passive voice tendencies I have! But she has already been an enormous help, so thanks Sue 🙂 Go check out her site to read the first chapters of her book, Enhanced and also catch up with the regular adventures of Elliot.

If you missed Lacunae: Chapter 1, you can go back and read it HERE.



Cooper had taken the walk to Jenna’s many times before. He had no need to pay attention to the world around him as he travelled down tree-lined streets, past the small park and over the brook to the new development on the east side of town. It wasn’t that he was an unsocial person, just that the townsfolk of Verdura Falls were a close-knit bunch who always looked out for one another: loosely translated as ‘bloody nosey’.

Earphones were his defence, an invisible shield against unwanted chatter. It meant most people ignored him and those who tried to get his attention soon realised he couldn’t hear them and went on their way with a wave. The merciful drum beats drowned out the unoriginal enquiries of ‘How’s things?’, ‘You got yourself a lady yet?’, ‘Isn’t it time you found a proper job?’ and most annoyingly ‘So why didn’t you try again?’

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Lacunae: Chapter 1

Lacunae: Chapter 1

Around two years ago, I began writing this story and then, just like GRRM, I lost momentum and everything went on the back burner. Unlike GRRM, it will be nowhere near his calibre of literary achievement but I’ve decided to start posting it a chapter at a time with the hope that this will force me to finish it.

I’d describe it as YA science fiction (I have shared what was intended as the prologue before) so I realise it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. But any feedback, good or bad, would be appreciated! Thanks (in advance) for reading… I guess I should go and write some more installments!

la-me-ln-earthquake-newport-inglewood-rose-canyon-20170309 (800x533)



‘Seismic activity continues this morning around Mount Ludlow. Reports state that readings on the Richter scale ranging from 2.2 to 3.8 have been logged, following tremors throughout the night. Emergency services were called to several residents in Romanside after the largest tremor, occurring around 1.15am, dislodged a communication tower, causing it to crash through the roof of a neighbouring apartment block. Casualties include a young woman who was trapped beneath debris for a number of hours. She is now recovering in St. Austen’s infirmary and said to be in a stable condition. No further injuries were reported, but many residents have been treated for shock. We go now to Ben Danton who is at the scene in Romanside…’

“I felt it.” Iris bounced onto the sofa, tucking her feet underneath herself.

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Flash (flood) Fiction

Flash (flood) Fiction


Clouds rumbled overhead, heralding the arrival of rain. The first drops met the ground sporadically, evaporating on the scorched earth, yet soon began to fall with more urgency, each grounded drip attracted to another like a magnet. They quickly joined forces, grouping to form rivulets, as they forged an unrelenting path through the desert sand.

Spurred on by the legions of droplets rushing to join from above, the liquid fingers spread outwards, searching for cracks to explore. Downwards they groped, caressing the untouched rock, probing further. Once the route had been scouted, ahead of the torrent, the eager surge asserted control, breaking through into…


For a moment, the fluid was once again suspended in air, free-falling and cascading, finally grounded for a second time, pooling wide and deep. The resulting splash echoed across the cavern until it ebbed into silence, save for a rhythmic drip that became less frequent as the minutes passed. Above, the deluge had abated and moved on, unaware of the repercussions it had triggered beneath.

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