Royally Entertained!

Royally Entertained!

Lasers and lightsabers. Horns and Holst. Fireworks and flying saucers. Our journey through space at the Royal Albert Hall was fabulous!

If you didn’t already know, we kicked off our week away with a stopover in London to attend the Space Spectacular concert, performed by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and conducted by Anthony Inglis.


I’d nagged for tickets for my birthday, having wanted to attend a classical concert for a while, and as this featured many of my favourite musical scores with the added bonus of being held in an iconic venue, well…I nagged a lot!

The Hall itself was nothing short of stunning – I’ve obviously seen it plenty of times on TV but that didn’t detract from the grandeur of the place. It’s classically beautiful, just the kind of architecture I love, so it’s no surprise that the design was inspired by Roman amphitheatres.

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