Dino Dates – A photo love story

Dino Dates – A photo love story

Inspired by photos seen on Facebook, this week’s Wednesday Lensday is a tale of unconventional love between Dallas and Daphne, two dinky little dinosaurs.

After stalking Daphne’s herd for quite some time (he was a carnivore after all), Dallas found he’d fallen in love with this beautiful creature who had a child-like spirit and a kindness for all living things. So one night he approached her, she clobbered him with her tail, he assured her he could never eat such an angelic being and they’ve been together ever since.

Dino Love

Nobody thought it would last, especially as Dallas converted to munching marigolds and palm leaves, but Daphne supports him with his MEA meetings (Meat Eaters Anonymous) and she’d be the first to tell you that she’s incredibly attracted to his wild side, providing he keeps it in check. Besides, she knows she can take him in a fight – that tail is formidable!

Join them as they go for a date in the sunshine!

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