A guide to (my) Paranormal Activity!

A guide to (my) Paranormal Activity!

Sam? A’ ye there Sam? What’s ‘ee sayin’, ‘ee wha’? Ask him again Sam…’ee wants to come through? No! Keep ‘im back Sam. I said n…

Cue eyes rolling back, reminiscent of The Undertaker, a rasping voice, uttering only semi-coherent sentences and a flurry of excitement and panic as crew members rush to remove the man from view.

What we have here folks, is a typical scenario in a past favourite ‘reality’ show of mine: Most Haunted.


Fronted by a team of amateur, paranormal investigators (including an ex-Blue Peter presenter and her cameraman husband), the programme would visit various, notoriously haunted, buildings around the UK, in search of recording the dead, who still apparently resided within.

Their in-house medium, Derek Acorah, would (claim to) converse with ghosts with the aid of his spirit guide, Sam, often absorbing their spirits and chattering in tongues (albeit with a Liverpudlian twang!) before collapsing in an asthmatic heap! People screamed, doors slammed and objects moved of their own volition. In fact, spoons being lobbed out of the ether became a recurring theme. Perhaps this is where the idea came from for the audience watching The Room…

(Have a look. The quality of this is naff but it captures the chortle-worthy ‘possessions’ that made for compelling viewing!)

And it was all kinds of brilliant! Ridiculous and scary in equal measures. Even when it became cheesy and predictable, I faithfully tuned in, hoping to capture a real ghost on camera. My mum was an avid co-watcher, literally sitting on the edge of our sofa, waiting with wide-eyed enthusiasm to have the wits scared from her: My step-father however, was a little more cautious, ready to reject any ectoplasmic offerings with his down-to-earth, skeptical logical mind… from behind the safety of a cushion! It made for a whole load of family fun, so much so, that we decided it would be a good idea to become ghost hunters ourselves!

Fad number 666: Paranormal Investigation. (Do you see what I did there?!)

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