Rugrat Ramblings: Questions of half adults

Rugrat Ramblings: Questions of half adults

Hello everyone!

As Sundays are often a time to contemplate, I’ve decided to re-share one of my earlier posts on children and their questioning. It’s a post that seems to send a lot of traffic my way due to ‘unspecified search terms‘ – damn those elusive referrers! I’d love to know exactly what people are ‘Googling’ to bring them to it! Anywho, many of you won’t have seen it and I’m hoping those who have don’t mind the slightly edited version. Enjoy! 🙂

I’ve taught from ‘quarter adults’ to ‘three quarter adults’, but my main experience comes from ‘half adults’ – in other words 8 year olds. But regardless of age, any creator or educator of mini humans knows they can be endless questions masters – Whhhhhyyyy? must be the most over used word in a child’s early vocabulary after NO!


Questions are fascinating – they can open new worlds, clarify, reassure….or just downright annoy! Unfortunately, the bulk of questions in a parent or teacher’s day probably falls into a banal sub-category of the latter.

Where’s my pencil? When’s it lunchtime? Can I go to the toilet? Can I go to the toilet now? Is it home time yet? The adults are probably just as bad – Where’s your book bag / PE kit / lunch money? Where’s your date and title? Have you washed your hands / brushed your teeth? How many times have I said…?

However, sometimes kids ask amazing, meaty questions that really make you think. I love these ones, giving a sneaky look into the inner workings of their brain and reminding you that the world can look very different from down there. (Okay, for me, ‘down there’ isn’t that far from my perspective, seeing as most of them are only an inch off my height, but you get my drift!) Here’s one of those times, when I attempted to answer their musings!

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