Have a FADTASTIC 2018

Have a FADTASTIC 2018

It’s the start of a new year and we are awash with adverts and articles tempting you to jet off to foreign shores, encouraging you get out and find the new you…but not before you sign over your life savings for a subscription to the local gym which you’ll avoid like the Plague after the first week!

As we’re on day three of January, I’m a little late with jumping on this self-improvement bandwagon, but I’m jumping nonetheless. Now, I’m perfectly aware I have a bit of a reputation – consistency is not my strong point and in the past, the only success I’ve had with my resolutions has been the ability to pronounce the word with my short-tongue!

So I don’t make them. As such…


Do you remember my Bucket List post of 2016? Well, two years on from my ‘oh-my-I-get-old-this-year‘ wish list and I can say I have ticked two items off the list: visiting Iceland  and publishing a book.

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