What you talkin’ about, Willis?

What you talkin’ about, Willis?

If you’re on Facebook, you’ll be familiar with those little throw-back reminders they periodically give, bringing up old photos and events.

And then there’s the December ‘Year in Review’ montages that generally tell me I have a love of Game of Thrones, cake and… well just put those two things on loop!

But sometimes, FB takes me back to some status updates that I have no idea about where they have come from. I recognise a few as song lyrics (I was clearly being creatively cryptic!), some I gained context from the attached comments and others have been gems of quotes from children I’ve taught or odd things I’ve seen. But there are many that seem like I was either under the influence of some dodgy substance or just corroborate that I’ve always been weird!


Anyway, I started reading, and reading some more and eventually went back to the beginning of my time line (I highly recommend this, it’s quite entertaining. Unless you only update about the weather…). So to make it not seem like a waste of my eye time, I decided that I’d share some of my favourites. Maybe you can suggest what on earth I was talking  about!

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