Times when you want less ‘cache’

Times when you want less ‘cache’

I’m sure everyone always wants more CASH, but here I’m talking CACHE. Not in a techy computer sense, but in a fun, let’s play a game sense…

My other half introduced me to geocaching around two years ago, when he’d seen Lindsay DeFranco try it out on her vlog Linz Loves. As she seemed to be another serial faddist, he thought it would be an activity right up my street.

If you don’t know what it is, check out the Geocaching guide, which gives a straightforward explanation. Essentially, it’s an international treasure hunt where players try to locate caches (hidden containers) using GPS tracking devices, including smartphones.

There are literally millions of these containers around the globe, often hidden in the most public of places (high Muggle locations!) and can range in size from thimble to trunk.

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